When Lions Become Hungry and go on a Hunting Spree

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Play the game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/333910998/Testing-A

This video shows gore, and is not made for children, this video is 13+


Alpha's Pack says:

Nice Vid! I Hope One day They Would Make A WOlf Version Of this Game!

Mája Klimešová says:

1:11 how ? 😀

Emma Plays YT says:

but I am 10 years old and I watch your and Baran's videos everyday

Nasik anasik Momiko says:

Игра подходит на компьютер?

Snowdrop says:

Dang, a year ago. Back then the roars were pretty cool. Hits me with the memories. 😔

Brighton McFarland says:

definition of KOS and i HATE IT when lions come and steal the hyenas or dogs kills :/

aika says:

that moment when they ain't even hungry. Lions hunt for fun STOP IT

Кравава Лапка кв says:

I love it play i can all atack and grab and run

Miah says:

if growling is annoying why did you growl at the leaperd

Samantha Salazar says:

i like the game but the game dose not let me play the game

amy maze says:

I like that you hunt realistically by sneaking and waiting. When I used to play a lot of the lions would just attack without planning. Good job.

Anthony Humphrey says:

well too bad we can not play now because its only for testers

Alexa Perrymeant says:

Is it just me or when you pounce on the warthog it sounds like a screaming person

Anthony Humphrey says:

where not able to see the ways of how to fight we are not able to get in at a time just a time you cant get in that's so dumb

Cy’s Life says:

When that lion ate, the sound was music to my ears.

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