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In the second part of our hunting trip to New Zealand Alps we move camps to a different area to search for chamois.

The weather changes and we experienced some nasty days with very high winds which made bowhunting very difficult. With the rut in full swing though, we were able to close the distance on several bucks and had a hell of a time.

Mountain bow hunts are my favorite, since the always push you to the limit.

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Brian Call: Gritty says:

Another badass hunt! Congrats Pedro!

Johnny Graham says:

Are there any other channels of this type of content? im absolutely addicted

sniper carotinho Solitário says:

Paisagem é muito linda

Jose Martinez Gonzalez says:

Fauna introducida carente de depredadores. Necesario cazar para mantener las poblaciones 🤝

Robin Panjalai says:

Who ever edited and compose this film did a great job!

affapoelli says:

Very special Chamois! Congratulations from a Swiss Alps Chamois hunter!

Pablojoriol says:

Brutal, sin palabras!! Seguid así!!! Magnífico montaje!!!

UK Hunting says:

beautiful film work and a proper hunt, loved it – thank you for sharing!

ruan du preez says:

09:50 the moment he knew he screwed up…..I know the feeling.

Olivier Charlier says:

Awesome movie, beautifull country and great hunting!

Juanan Molinatis says:

Este es de los mejores. Me encanta que se de importancia al sonido ambiente y al sonido que genera la acción de la caza (cremalleras, cocinar, rodar de piedras…) hace que sea más real y que se viva más. Enhorabuena por le caza y enhorabuena por la edición, es una pasada.

Todocaza says:

Gran vídeo una vez más Pedro 👏👏 todo un referente para nosotros… Un abrazo 😄👏

T P says:

Makes me want to jump on a plane to NZ!! Another epic production from you Pedro and Vic!

Appetite 4 The Wild says:

Loved every minute , great camera work. Thank you!

nathan kotsa says:

absolutely amazing hunt
great video work

Pople BackyardFarm says:

This looks so amazing

Daryl Higgs says:

Ah home sweet home, I love it when these videos come out!!

Craig Eberhardt says:

Another tip is to get well hidden then wave your hat…they will run right in to you.

Craig Eberhardt says:

Another great video Pedro. As one Chamois hunter to another I hope you don’t mind if I pass on a tip and old hunter gave me which I find very useful..stay off the ridge-lines just a little. Chamois have incredible eyesight. You will see a lot more if you don’t silhouette yourself.

Karl König-Mehrtüssen says:

Fantastic views

hunterfishernz says:

What Model PSE bow are you using?


Precioso como siempre. 👏👏👏

Scott Burgess says:

I really enjoy watching Pedro, he seems like such a really great guy, humble, fun, hard working hunter and a pretty good shot with a bow! First class videos from a first class company, thank you for sharing!!

Carlos Vargas says:

Mui bonito saludos desde Ecuador excelente traducción

Sergio Cercano says:

Impresionante! Que paisajes y que soledad. El clima, mejor no comentarlo, duro es poco. Enhorabuena!

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