Mid Morning Coyotes – Coyote Hunting

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Jon Collins is hunting coyotes around fall calving beef cattle. Join in on this mid morning hunt from Kentucky.

Equipment Used On Stand:

FoxPro X24 – https://www.gofoxpro.com/
Swagger Bipods Stalker QD42 – https://swaggerbipods.com
Realtree Camo – https://www.realtree.com
XGO Phase 4 Base Layers – https://www.proxgo.com
Blocker Clothing – https://www.blockeroutdoors.com
Hager Custom Rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC

Follow Jon On Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jon_collins3/

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Rob Kholar says:

Beware large coyotes in the Appalachia region and south of there could be red wolf hybrids, observe coyote coats to see if you can spot that red tinge.

Josh Qualls says:

I don’t care what kind of animal it is don’t shoot something you don’t have a good shot at. You don’t deserve to hunt just cruel and this is from someone who hunts

Harold Gino Helgeson says:

What are your thoughts on the new non elected ruler Biden's start of removing the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights from America?

rogersofrhodri says:

'Double don baby' …' Straight smoked him' …. brilliant terminology, I'm lovin' it , keep it going ATB from Wales UK

Jim Valenti says:

what is the reason you shoot coyotes?

James Hampton says:

Awesome man great shooting πŸ‘πŸ»

Gus Lauro says:

I noticed that all your videos involve day hunts and not night. Is this purely for the quality of filming or because you have more success at dawn/dusk?

I’ve gotten into coyote hunting over the last year. Tried mornings and night hunting. Had more success in the mornings actually so I’m curious of your opinion…love the channel!

Herve Monnin says:

6.5 PRC is better than 243 win for Coyote and fox ??
Pleasr Tell me what are you thinking

Brady Smith says:

What ammo you using? Just picked up a 6.5 creedmoor for yotes, and still needing some ammo

Aaron Parton says:

If that doesn't get the juices pumping I don't know what does! Nice shooting bud

Nathan Morkovsky says:

Double down awesome!!

WV Mailman says:

Long Black Train…..double down!πŸ‘πŸ‘

Larry Wilson says:

Always enjoy these hunts

West TN Predator Hunting says:

Great job as always!!

chris bickley says:

Nice double from across the pond here in the UK our main predator over here fox nice shooting

Outdoors Anonymous says:

Nice! Subbed. I got my first coyote last week and I’m now addicted to this style of hunting πŸ™‚ more vids of that coming up on my channel too!

Kelli Elliott says:

6.5 PRC.
No more 22 Creed ?

Caza y pesca Kaibil de guate says:


Edwin Schlee says:

That's 2 coyotes that won't be killing any calves!

Pursuing The Heartland says:

Nice!! That was a sweet morning set for sure. DOUBLE DOWN

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