HARDWOODS Spring Turkey Hunt! Virginia Public Land MADNESS Continues!

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Jake gets his chance on Virginia public land!
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Ricky Rice says:

Look at jakes beautiful long flowing hair… What a stud. A true mans man..

Donald rich says:

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

justin81011776 says:

Killed one last Sunday with a stevens model 94 single shot 16ga. Leveled him!

Bill Madd says:

I always enjoyed the 1pm close time for hanging out with friends , naps, etc

billstev100 says:

Yea Buddy! Great hunt guys…….

Will Varn says:

Good vid good gobbler

russ clewley says:

Way to go Jake!

fishermandancrook says:

What slate call is that? Clucks real nice

Bobby Cloer says:

Awsome hunt guys….

Dominick Mcgee says:

Y’all have a very underrated channel this is my favorite content on the internet

Gus Bock says:

"Did you hear it?"
Yeah I heard it, what'd he say?
"I'm ya huckleberry!"
Great video guys!

Rossdafareye Music says:

Bumpin that Theo Von. That's the crossover I am here for… good lord

Eastcoastoutdoors Va says:

Love it that you guys are near my hometown

Doug Walton says:

Oh yeah great video guys !!!

JCup Gyll says:

Only makes sense that Jake n the boys would listen to Theo Von. Mullets ftw. Gang Gang.

Joseph Braun says:

Can't get enough of hearing a gobbler gobble. Even on video sounds so thunderous. Guess the name thunder chickens. LoL

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