Bow Hunting NM Elk – Willi calls a BIG character bull to 18 yards! (Pure Hunting)

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Go bow hunting for elk in New Mexico with Willi Schmidt and Chris Nowak on episode 7 of Pure Hunting season 9. Willi and Chris travel to central New Mexico for an elk bow hunt during the rut. The area they are hunting has low densities of elk, but good quality bulls. Willi has already killed his bull of a lifetime and now he gets to return the favor to Chris by calling in another big unique bull right into Chris’ lap.

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down stream says:

Excellent video gentlemen, loved the content and the dynamic was outstanding. Looked like a great hunt. New Mexico is on my want very bad to hunt list and this just shows there are other units just as good to hunt.

BMCBryce says:

Big time hunt! Two incredible bulls in two days. Well done gentlemen. Truly a hunt to remember for a lifetime.

Chris Colwell says:

Love watching you two get after it year after year…the friendship shows on screen and that is pretty rare. Congrats!!

Dale Wengerd says:

Great video loved the hunt congratulations

SheerWill Survival says:

Excellent job ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

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