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I can’t believe this happened… It is very unfortunate. However, we must try our best to not get frustrated and look at this deer hunt as a learning tool to prevent things like this from happening in the future. Appreciate the support, take care guys!


nozaku says:

Firstly, you where talking too much, you spooked the deer.
Secondly, this is why you should always train on the weapon a lot so you know how it will fire.

Dave Glines says:

You're telling us this you should have spent this much time schooling the hunter on a 3d target.

Kyle K says:

I agree with the gut wrenching feeling after a wounded shot.

Johnny Bickle says:

It was a fine shot, the Doe spun and ducked as they always do….. The comments from these people that know nothing about it. Even the young creator.

Buck Creek TV says:

Haha, I made a video similar to this about the .243 and got very similar responses. We will just have to keep the vids up and let the keyboard warriors go to town. There's a learning experience in everything glad to find your channel

Ashlyn Lagana says:

Um you can't expect to have a kid to miss when he has not practiced, also you told him where to aim right there in then, not a week or even a day earlier. But I mean it happens! I am 10 and I have missed, nicked high low and done this. All I have to say is it takes practice and you should have taken practice or told him where to aim earlier. And same I have missed so many times, and I am a youth hunter too! Again, it takes practice, it took me two years to get my first deer. This year I got my first deer and first buck after 2 years of having my license. So its not just you buddy:)

Fred Teall says:

Diarrhea of the mouth

Z M says:

What about writing a book about this, you sound like a good storyteller

Christian Nault says:

Setting a kid up for a gut shot isn’t a good idea


Just found ur channel, n I totally agree with u, things def happen that is out of our controls

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