The Video of the N.R.A.’s Leader and His Wife Shooting Elephants | The New Yorker

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The footage of Wayne and Susan LaPierre was originally intended for a TV series sponsored by the gun-rights group, but was never aired. Warning: This video contains graphic content.


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The Video of the N.R.A.’s Leader and His Wife Shooting Elephants | The New Yorker


Space says:

What a weak little man.

Satan Lucifer says:

If PETA actually cared they’d shut down NRA

Luna Ellingson says:

What a disgrace. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Rich, over-entitlef pieces of garbage masquerading as people.

Josh Nelson says:

I still don't understand the allure of things like this.

Bugg Romero says:

That ladies pony tail is gonna give me nightmares

Mike Staihr says:

I could handle a weapon better than that when I was 9 years old… What an effen fraud!!!!!

markatr6 says:

id say 'shame on you' but i dont think you HAVE any..youve given NRA a well deserved bad name for years, and now hit a new low…i hope you are haunted by dreams of elephants for the rest of your stupid life.

C B says:

NRA'S finest! Abolish them already. BASTARDS! KARMA!

Shawn Smolk says:

Those elephants are old and comfortable with people. Put LaPierre with a younger, charging elephant and then we can call it hunting. LaPierre would most likely mess his pants.

El CUH says:

Just remember that most of the people in comment section are the same people that do not have a problem when killing a child in the womb.

Satan Lucifer says:

NRA= Organized terrorists

rick f says:

i think this video speaks for itself, hard to call them human beings ,really low

Dinero Roberto says:

I know a few SEALS who would accidentally break his face if they witnessed this demonic imbecile do this

Little Devil says:

i wonder what he would say if aliens came here to hunt him…

Rube Goldburg says:

Wish the roles were reversed.

Little Devil says:

Why does someone needs to kill a defenseless animal?? so they can feel superior? i think hunters have a problem in their head.

Mayso Vinni says:

How fun would it be to give the rabbit the gun….PPV

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