ALASKA MOOSE HUNT with Billy Molls "He's Never Lost" trailer, Modern Day Mountain Man Hunting

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“He’s Never Lost” is a deeply personal, uplifting film that highlights an unforgettable moose hunting adventure in the wilds of Alaska’s Brooks Range.


Randy TenBrink says:

man! what a good time

Jeff Mathison says:

can't wait, looks like a dandy.. and a fun client and packer… love it when there is outgoing people with you. some have been camera shy or not willing to let there hair down.. lol. God Bless and hoping for a good safe season ahead.

Gratandinorr says:

Thats happiness in hunting friends and game stalking Let mother Nature lead us on the good trail .Thanks Billy for all your true storys , thanks to your wife… Anna in Skandinavian taigan

Mark Gray says:

The Lord is with me,,, this morning my new Longhorn Bull didnt come in with his Mom,, i expected him to be close by, so i went walking to look for him, still had my house shoes on,, Would you believe i stepped RIGHT on top of a 5 ft Rattler and DINT get struck ?? How is that even possible ???? Have you ever heard of someone stepping on a rattler and not getting Lit up ??? Its not the First time the Lord has saved me in the woods,, i live in Hill Country Texas, if you get snake bit, its a helicopter ride to San Antonio from where i live,,nothing is closer for snake bites,,,my knees and legs feel like spitgetti right now,, that shook me up a bit,,, Thank You Lord

Leish says:

It amazes me how for the week or so you guide these hunters how close you get to a complete stranger . Love your videos Billy , take care

Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse says:

These videos are Awesome without that cheesy intro.

Ian Schultz says:

Looking fwd to the full length video, like always 👍🏻👍🏻

SheerWill Survival says:

Excellent video 👊🏻

Øyvind Nygaard says:

Love your hunting trips 😁 in Nice contry 💪

Phillip Cotter says:

Haaa…nice….I thought it was a new intro…then it was over…an I realised it wer a trailer!!!! Thumbs Up…BIG THUMBS UP!!!

Joel Mcmahan says:

Beautiful, everything about that was great. I’ll always be a fan of MDMM Billy M. Gods speed to ya, and your family 👍🇺🇸

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