Elephant hunts

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Stalking elephant herds in Zimbabwe


Bill Whitman says:

What a load of bollocks


Bldi fools.

Tony Shen says:

If you hunt and kill him with your naked hand, then I respect you as a hero. Otherwise with a rifle, you are just a coward.

Utah Home Design says:

Elephants are highly intelligent and extraordinarily sensitive animals. They are believed to be among the most social creatures on earth, capable of expressing. displaying, and communicating a wide range of emotions

Elephants are also highly altruistic, often placing the well-being of other members of their group ahead of themselves, particularly with regard to their young. Adults of both sexes regularly risk harm to defend the juveniles of the herd, even when the adults are completely unrelated to endangered calf.

Their prodigious range of behaviors and subtle yet expressive interactions suggests that they each posses their own unique personality, with individuals capable of forming a multitude of diverse social relationships, the most intimate of such relationships are often extremely devotional and long lasting, involving very strong emotional bonds for one another that often last throughout their entire lives.

There are many documents instances of elephants dying of grief upon the death of another elephant with which they share a particularly close bond.

It’s sad and disturbing that people who are so privileged would choose to use that privilege to kill such a majestic creature, and in-so-doing, inflict such great emotional pain and suffering upon the surviving members of the elephant families left behind, most of which have never known life without the slaughtered patriarch or matriarch.

If you're so wealthy to be able to just throw down $100k, there's no law that says you must kill an elephant in order to donate to the cause of their protection. Rather than selfishly taking their lives all for yourself, just so you can carve up their lifeless bodies, why not just take a picture and leave them alive so the 8 billion other people in the world to enjoy their majesty too?

I mean do you also say… "Ok, yeah, I'll go ahead and donate a hundred grand to feed the starving children… but only if I get to kill one and cut off his head and his hands to keep as a trophy"

Sick right? ….so how tell me how this is different? …Well, except for the fact that there are several billion children in the world, but not nearly as many elephants.

benjapol songkorchon says:

OMG !! Just MV .

prim rose says:

It's legal but is it moral or ethical??? Depleting our natural world

Tanzania Hunting says:

god bless hunting and hunters as well , all those idiotic comments from ANTI – hunting which they will never understand that first economic contributor to areas in Africa are hunters , good is so complicate to understand ?

Meekseek says:

Such a pathetic and pyschopathic existance to live to kill your
fellow beings.

leomatosuk says:

Why to kill such a magnificent animal? How can you feel pleasure on that?

Adam Safari says:

mizzfoxy9, Whites are the only reason Zimbabwe has excess number of Ele. Leave it to the blacks paid by the Asians and there will be none left.

Adam Safari says:

poor video of grand sport legally taken

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