Hunting Elephants in Namibia

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Hosts Steve Scott in North America’s first all African television series. Follow Steve Scott and his guests, as they bring you the very best hunting the African continent has to offer. From the mighty African Elephant to the diminutive Dik Dik, you’ll see the full spectrum of African big game hunting; dangerous game, plains game, and in-depth profiles on the people, places and wildlife that make Africa the best place on earth for a hunter.


yaycee dugard says:

Who would want to be known as "Shooting Stuff Australia" , seriously? A Dik Dik hunter? I just don't get a moniker like that. Can you help out MagicpotatoAus? Much appreciated.

MrAngryBates says:

Hopefully all of such impotent cocksuckers will get what they deserve.

Arthur. says:

You suck trunk.

Marinus Du Preez says:

Its just sad that no one who is so agents the shooting of elephants dont know whats going on and have an idea of the value of hunting towards concervation. They all spen energy gives opinions and chritesise and dont do any thing to safe any animals.

karl Stone says:

what did the elephant do on you id love to punch some sence into you your a scumbag of a human

Rodrigo Von Kluge says:

the more I know the man

i like most of the animals ……

Helene Dumoulin says:

Un elephant qui tombe, c'est horrible !

MagicpotatoAus says:

All people offended WHY ARE YOU HERE

Bubu Bubetto says:

it's time to start exporting the tusks of elephants when they are drugging for health reasons or census, or no matter what, before they do the infamous killing

il est temps de commencer à exporter des défenses d'éléphants quand ils sont droguer pour des raisons de santé ou de recensement, ou peu importe ce que, avant de faire l'infâme assassinat

Victor Troncoso says:

maldito cobardes.

Sara Meek says:

AnimalLeftist, did you not hear him say that the elephant killed a man and threatened others, not saying I agree with elephant hunting, but that elephant needed to be taken care of.

AnimalLeftist says:

The worst place on earth, for animals, with tiny-minded apes running around slaughtering for fun.
Sickening. Thanks for further contributing to the extinction of wild species.

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