MY DADS BULL ELK HUNT!! Elk Hunting The Rut

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Today we are throwing it way back to chasing big bulls with my dad and friends in 2010! Sit back and enjoy this short but action packed video!


307 Extreme Outdoors says:

Stud bull! They don’t get much better then that typical. He looks perfectly symmetrical!

Chris Blood says:

Nice bull, and good memories I’m sure

Johnny Martin says:

great bull, good father -son memories…nothing better!

Steven York says:

I got the privilege to hunt with my dad this year and we successfully harvested my nice 4×4 buck and my dad took a nice 5×5 bull as we were standing there taking pictures of my buck it was the coolest thing I have ever been a part of. And the still head fishing is still doing great cant wate tell tomorrow to go again

Dennis Oosterbaan says:

Nothing much better than spending time and making memories hunting with one's father. Congrats on a great team hunting excursion! Hope he got that stud mounted!

Collin Rippey says:

His G4’s are crazy huge beautiful bull guys!

dirtclod Az. says:

Great episode, Excellent bull Dad!

Alex Richards says:

Crushed it!! What a sweet bull and an awesome video!!

Brandon Vaughan says:

Definitely a dream Bull!!

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