Thermal Hog Hunting | 72 Hogs Down With Pulsar Trail Thermal Scopes

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The whole month of February WestFork did nothing but thermal hunt! There where pigs in the wheat fields hard destroying wheat. Before you ask yes there where cows around but we take every percaution to hunt safley around them as we have done for over a decade now

WestFork Outfitters is based out of North Texas and we travel all across the United States even Mexico. We do everything outdoors and we hunt anything in North America, one month may be bowfishing and bass fishing tournaments, while the next month might be deer hunting and duck hunting just depends on the season.

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WestFork Outfitters says:

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Dat DudeCee says:

This dude can't shoot for $h!!t. I understand "well aimed shots"…but homeboy takes one shot and screams "Holy $h!!t" while the rest of the 75 pigs haul @$$.

James Tucker says:

72 movie stars on camera. Easy acting scene. Bang…….Flop.

Anniston Baker says:

Awesome video!

standbackitsgonnablo says:

looks like your gun is not sighted in quite right … you hit on video when aiming low.. like your gun is sighted in for 200 yards

James Dallas says:

What cal. rifle ru using? thanks.

The Hunting Game says:

Good job fellas! Stay tuned for a video recap of the 2021 Wise County Hog Contest… Nice shootin' Tex!

Notails says:

What the heck are you shooting that has such insane recoil?

Graham Godwin says:

I love hog kart wheels. Bye

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