Archery Elk Hunt Montana – Stuck N the Rut 142

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Bowhunting elk on public land, DIY, General tag in the Big Sky Country. The biggest challenge to general tags of course is dealing with people. This hunt, Travis and I were looking for elk that haven’t been wised up to hunting calls. The first trip in the backcountry, we packed in several miles to get away from people. Unfortunately, someone was just as crazy as we were and packed back there as well. That trip was a bust, so we headed back home, got some work done, and I was able to harvest my bull elk (Episode 141) and then we made one last trip into Montana in search for a nice bull. Travis’s standards were the farther the pack, the bigger the elk has to be. Thankfully on the last day, Travis pulled a nice 6×6 bull elk and captured it all on film with the GoPro 360. Now back to work we go until the next hunting season arrives. Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe!!!
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Noble Bloomer says:

Awesome video!! Keep up the good work.

Justin Hallowes says:

nice haul.
an old suburban is a nice camping 🏕 rig for sure.
lots of scenery on this trip!, nice bull

Heather Miller says:

Great video! Camera is super high deff. What kind of Carmera? Will Miller not Heather, but my wife loves Elk too. LOL. Making it happen on Public Land. Great JOB!!

Jon Holbrook says:

Love seeing two brothers both who are awesome hunters make this video so enjoyable to watch

Collin Rippey says:

Nice bull dude!

p char says:

Great hunt with a great bull. You guys make me watch the whole episode without skipping ahead. Keep it up while you are young!

Pathway Outdoors says:

Which camera is that, that he had filming from his pack?

Joe Bucci says:

Thanks for taking all of us a long for a nice hunting trip.

Brigham Campbell says:

Hey wondering where you got that bow decoy at ? Feel like I need one now !

Jake F says:

Another great hunt guys! Glad you're back on the 6 point train Travis. Thanks for sharing 👍

Greg Holt says:

Awesome! What brand of decoy is that. Have not seen that one.

David C says:

That fire at 17:05 had me anxious for some reason. Looked like it could have gotten away from you guys. But I've never made a fire like that out in the middle of nowhere, so I don't know what I'm seeing.

Allen LeBeau says:

What kind of broadhead do you shoot also what arrow weight do you use for elk? Nice bull!

Roberto Lagrata says:

Finaly.after a long hour you found it boss

Gregorio S Wood says:

Good video, good hunt, real deal without all the foolishness, enjoyed watching it

Miki Đalović says:

That was some fine hunting, seems like you guys went all out on this one.

Mike Nardozzi says:

awesome video. What are the specs on your arrow and bow please?

Norman Kaster says:

Super excited for you guys congrats

Travis Garrett says:

Nice gents! Way to keep at it! Very talented hunters! And ethical too. 👍

David Gonzalez says:

Great vid and hunt. What broadhead? TY

Keith Hart says:

There are adds for NRA on your channel the NRA is raceist NAZI organization

Donald Stowe says:

Great job !!!

Barry Kramer says:

Great job boys and that was a great shot like always you guys can shot both gun and bow keep the video's coming

Derek De Ville says:


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