First Solo KAYAK DUCK HUNT This Season (Texas Public Land)

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On this kayak duck hunt I headed out to a public land lake here in Texas for my first solo hunt of the 2020 waterfowl season. I had been looking forward to trying out the Old Town Discovery 119 with my new kayak blind and I wasn’t disappointed as a I found a beautiful cove that was full of ducks and perfect for the weather conditions I had. My shooting wasn’t the best but I was still able to end up with a mixed bag of mallards and pintail and had an absolute blast out there. Hope y’all enjoy and be sure to subscribe if you do!

Old Town Kayak :

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HUNTER 77 team says:


David Hardisty says:

Good job man! You're getting me all rowdy for the migration north! 🇨🇦

Barrett Black says:

No criticism intended but if u keep clicking that safety off before ur pulled up abt to shoot ur gonna get someone hurt

& حسوني SA& says:

جميل جدا

Jaxson Clinkenbeard says:

Good shooting

Jerald Clements says:

Great video. Great shooting. What type of motorized decoy butt were you using in your spread on this hunt?

Valters Locs says:

Ir labi čāv bet

Khan Baba says:

It's beautiful bride but you kill it CRUEL dood

Grxpz L2 says:

Hey Thomas I have a franchi affinity 3 and my magazine is very stiff and catches my thumb a lot is there anything you’ve done differently?

علي جاسم says:

جميل جدا جدا رائع

Jamey Robinson says:

Awesome hunt! Was that a higdon pulsator motion decoy you were using?

Nathaniel Beane says:

You are a great shot. Amazing lead without being overbearing and 10/10 follow through especially on that sprig. Keep up the good stuff man. I love watching a good shot versus a skyblaster.

Savage Pursuit says:

Awesome Hunt. Love the kayak blind; thats sick

Wesley Littlefield says:

Great Hunt! Congrats on the pintail!

Desert Wolf says:

V..good shooting 👍👌❤

Mustafa Ertan says:

shock and cartridge information ??

nwmacguy says:

Which life vest are you using? Thanks!

Creek Rise Outdoors says:

That was a fantastic hunt. Great job.

Alex Gonzales says:

Dang I only hunt in Texas I’ve only ever shot 2 mallards 😂 let’s link!

Scott Ty says:

Why weren`t you calling?

A says:

I really respect you for not shooting and wounding every duck you see. Support from Finland!

Jimmy Cady says:

Are you up in the panhandle

David Price says:

You mind telling me what lake this is. I live in the area and haven't seen this place. I live just north of Knox city.

The phantom Gamer says:

What kind of kayak do you use? I know it’s from Old Town, but i mean what is the specific type you use?

Jackson says:

What was that butt decoy that you were using that moving around and making a action

Emerson Piacun says:

what lake is that

Bradley Isensee says:

Where is this

Rudy Elizondo says:

Good vid n good hunt, surprised to see there weren’t others out there

jackson akers says:

Where is this

Texas Kayak Expeditions says:

How do you find all of your public land?

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