Hunting Grizzly Bears With A Pistol Crossbow?

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diatonix2 says:

I wonder whether there is a sign out there on the road, warning unsuspecting motorists of all sorts of fast flying projectiles?

john smith says:

Can you imagine Joerg is on Australia's government wanted list for having such a chanel. How dare he…

Rob Johnson says:

can you test against kevlar armour

Miles DeNudt says:

Ever wonder why there aren't any bears in Germany?

Magnetosphere says:

Can you run some extensive accuracy tests on your different adders? Just so that we have an idea of the limitations of the product. Perhaps publish groupings every 10m out to 100 yards. Tell us what works and what doesn’t work regarding accuracy, I’d like to see some accuracy and precision covered more in your content.

Magnetosphere says:

Best set up for big game would be solid aluminium bolts but with the first 25% made of hardened steel with a very sharp simple target points so as to not impact aerodynamics. Also important that the front 25% is heavy steel so that there is a strong weight gradient for stability. The fletching could be made of razors but with a very light twist to drag and spin stabilise. You could leave the fletched razors to do all the fatal terminal ballistics stuff as it doesn’t seem like penetration is an issue here.

Magnetosphere says:

Was also wondering if fletching is necessary, could you do some accuracy tests, is the double fleshing less accurate than the traditional triple? I would think it would be. Would it not be just be better to just have a strong weight gradient between the front back or perhaps use some kind of fluff that tranquilliser darts use. What about curving the fletching slightly so that it spin stabilises the bolt?

Magnetosphere says:

Can you make it bigger and with a traditional looking rifle style stock? Longer bolts would be better, I like to shoot small game from up high, that way when I get a good strike the arrow goes through the game and sticks in the ground pinning the game in place.

Vere Absolutum says:

How ending with a loud "HUYAAA" and fire whatever you have in your hands.👊🏻

Thrallsbuddy says:

Υοu can hunt a bear with a blowgun, all it takes is for the bolt to pierce the heart or the lung. A nice good side-shot

70sztom says:

Recoil appearance by heavier arrow. React on the crossbow.


For a bit of reference. My 460fps crossbow has 342 joules with a 35g bolt.


Hunting grizzlies with that is probably the easiest way to get mauled to death lol.

Brummbär says:

Why should one "hunt" – kill- Grizzly Bears for God sake? And why use this as a title for video? Ah…for clicks…stupid me.

tarstarkusz says:

That second lighter arrow was only 71 joules vs the almost 90 joules of the 1st arrow.
 I am using e=mv2/2 (energy equals mass (13 grams) times velocity (106) squared divided by 2.)
But I honestly question how relevant these numbers are.

Thomas Wackerow says:

I used to shoot full length 26 inch solid stainless shafts at water melons when i was ten, so 47 years ago because i kept breaking my wood arrows. Like to more with solid arrows.
No damage done to my fibreglass bow way back then
Nice video

Euro Wars says:

Is this all legal or does Joerg have special licenses? Poor old Ireland only allows 1 Joule of power on bows and crossbows require a firearm license.

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