ARROW IMPACTS – 13 bears shot in less than 4 minutes

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Not for the faint of heart bear hunting. WARNING: 13 bears arrowed in this short video, they just keep coming. This is not for everyone but if you are a bowhunter who likes to see quick, clean arrow kills, these will make your heart pound. Lots of bear meat on the table from all these archery bears.



I wouldn't want to be camping there especially without a 12 gauge and a large caliber (40-45) pistol with GRIZZLY BEAR shots. There are ALOT of BEAR'S 🐻 in that area

Nathan De Bartolo says:

Death moans not included.

Lornes Dirtyshoes says:

Great compilation.

Junior says:

2:36 me when i whip and nae nae

YouTube Gains says:

What do you use for bait?

Levi H says:

1:14 Fyi that's ketchup for special effects..

Michael Intile says:

What kind of hunting is that – shame on you!

Sgt. Miller says:

3:50 got his arm stuck lmao

Coco says:

Killing mama bear in front of her cubs I thought was off limits!! Why do you have to kill innocent animals what's wrong with you people? You evil cavemen have strong urges to Kill! Your history proves this! 🙄 You guys are really Satan's children.

Survival USA says:

3:41 holy .. right tru .

Ahk. Kenyah Yisrael says:

love that bear at .59. got up on his hind, look around and went back to business.

Johnson's Uniform says:

0.56 bear looking like WTF WAS THAT.

Don Hales says:

Kill it with a knife up close then you'll be a man.

Paradyski says:

Amazing hunt

Master Flames says:

Nothing makes me happier than seeing bears die

Luc says:

i like this one

Master Bolding says:

Now that's some damn good shooting.

Пётр Арсёнов says:

охота с луком – теперь и в России тоже !

kid ringo says:

I challenge one canadian or american who pays to hunt there to get a big one wthout bait….when i look up archery bear..this bait hunting is all that exists.

Braydogg 347 says:

Only eight people were killed by bears last year while on the contrary, we killed over 2,893 of them. That’s crazy!

Russel Alpine says:

How many lbs is your bow?

Yusuf Emre Yavuz says:

dude these people are fucking morons bows are best for killing big animals like bear it has much more impact than a freaking sniper round hell they can pierce through body armor like butter

No Name says:

Good riddance.

Shoot the people downvoting next.

deathmetaldouglas69 says:

I don't know why people are so offended. You can clearly see that the bears are having fun being massacred. They are clearly enjoying themselves. That one in the tree at 2.26 is clearly having the time of his life before it was ended. People need to get off their high horses. Bears are scum anyways. They don't deserve to live. They only deserve to die. They don't work or pay taxes. They would kill you in an instant. Fuck 'em!!

Greg Harris says:

If society breaks down I'd rather be in the woods with these guys then stood in line at a Whole foods.

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