Duck Hunting- Limits of Mallards in the "Pontoon"

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The Pontoon is the most mobile blind of them all! Being able to duck hunt, be mobile and hide where the ducks were was key for us this year as the river came in and out of its banks multiple times. Join us as we trail the ducks with the “pontoon”

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Zeke Koonce says:

These would be so much better without the background music. Why do duck hunters think the need to have music in the entire video?

Ryan Gray says:

google "pet duck videos" for some REALLY good videos to watch!!

Ryan Gray says:

Why don't you guys eat KFC extra crispy fried chicken, shoot skeets, and leave the ducks alone?


please send me what`s muzic in video clip

Dirk Diggler says:

Didnt jase do this like 10yrs ago 🤷‍♂️

Bobby Crenshaw says:

Ah, not EASIER just to hunt out of a boat blind?

Kevin Smith says:

That’s awesome to watch thanks

Caleb Christensen says:

this has me running ideas through my head for the Texas gulf.. If only there were places on the rivers in Texas this could be set up.

Hunter chasseur صياد охотник Akkar North Lebanon says:

Hello always in the ripples even good job man

Jamin Parker says:

hahahaha love the ear plug

Jane Lovell says:

You lot look as is you should be out in Afghanistan rather than killing harmless ducks!!!

Andrew Jackson says:

Boys the video and that hunt were fire! Nice job.

David Koehler says:

Hey guys great hunt out of the blind and there's a easier way to move that blind we do it every spring on the wolf river walley fishing . I'm not sure how I would get a hold of you to explain it

F5 Outdoors says:

Another awesome video fellas!!

Wyatt Greene says:

What choke and shells do most of y’all shoot?

Ali Al Yasry says:


chris polk says:

Always in the ripples even if cover is sparse. If decoys are moving birds will fall. Another burner great stuff

Hickology says:

How in the world do yall only have 17k subs… best duck hunting channel out there! Opening weekend here in WA state is this weekend and these videos get me PUMPED

A Season of Tomatoes says:

I have had two 16 foot pontoon boats with motors. run them anywhere. Always park them in the shade if you can and the ducks will land so close to the boat you have to lean out to flush them up!

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