SAHJ – S3_Episode 5 – The Perfect Hunt Part 2 – Elephant Charge

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Been holding this back for ages and am excited to share this with all of you!!! I hope you all enjoy!!!!


000i 0006 says:

Another bastard who thinks this world is his……..f….the hunters

Veli Macchia says:

I bet that was a Jack Russel barking at the elephant…wanted to go take it out 😛

Veli Macchia says:

We should rather take out the poachers (and those behind the poachers) than deface the rhinos

African says:

Cant wait to get back to Africa – this virus business is getting me down

Vick Venter says:

Now I want to go hunting!!

The African Allure Outdoors says:

Great Vid Bud!!!

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