Alaska Grizzly Rifle Hunt | Mark Peterson Hunting cabela's black bear hunting

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A grizzly bear hunt is one of the most dangerous hunts in North America. Not just because it’s an animal that can kill you with the swipe of a paw, but because the weather and mother nature will physically drain you. On this ultimate challenge, Mark Peterson faces 60 mph winds, harsh weather conditions, and swift river crossings to chase grizzly bear in the Alaskan tundra. See if Mark has what it takes to get within range of these massive animals?

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Marks Rifle:
Gunwerks .375 Ruger
The Skuhl –

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Loading Plane
01:20 In Camp
05:55 River Crossing
08:34 River Crossing 2
10:42 Giant Grizzly
12:04 Before the Shot
14:15 Recovery
16:00 Headed Home

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Michael Whiting says:

Beautiful bear.
I love the bear videos. I’m not brave or strong enough to go hunting, you guys are the Marine of the civilian community

Michael Whiting says:

Dam these are Superman hunters

Theodore says:

And take the hide and skull and leave the rest for the birds. This isn't sportsman like

MrD 2001 says:

What type of gun did you use?

WiltChamberlain Jones says:

When those 2 other bears popped up lol

Paige Banks says:

What is with these bloody incompetent hunters. Three shots at 150 yards for one of the biggest land mammals in the world? Jesus. Shouldn't there be a minimum standard for hunters?

Gus Steen says:

hunt dear and elk. but to kill a beautiful creature fore no more than a post on the gram seems pretty obnoxious.

Andy lewis says:

i loved that y’all prayed me and my dad do that every hunt and i’m glad y’all prayed also that bear call sounds like a baby crying 😂

Jason Ehredt says:

Great video. I’m headed up at the end of august for my griz! One observation, next time you’re crossing rivers together, lock elbows rather than holding hands. One guy stumbles, the others is solid and vice versa. Two thumbs up!

yt571423 says:

Do you play that music that loud while you are hunting? No…then why do you think we want to hear it.

Frank Almeida says:

Great shot placement by the hunter on a trophy class brown bear. Props to the guide for taking control of the situation before & after shot was taken. I was like "oh s%^t" when I seen the other bears pop up. Hope to one day hunt for brown bear myself.

Rodger P says:

I'm so very glad and grateful to see there are still Americans who remember to entreat with God. May His blessings be with you on all your hunts. Not to kill big animals (a bonus when it comes) but to be safe and find the joy in His creation. As an Inupiat, I am always grateful to see people come to Alaska and praise Him.

Beckham Family says:

Will you put a black bear in you’re trophy room for North America

Beckham Family says:

When are you gone go on a black bear hunt

Greg Morris says:

It Is a scumbag move to kill an animal don't eat the meat!!!!…. you're not a real Hunter you're just a killer of animals

Sammavia A says:

Why did you have to kill it 🙁 the bear was just vibing

Even Grosaas says:

Loved the prayer, awesome to see😍 awesome video

SheerWill Survival says:

Great hunt 👊🏻

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