Bow Hunting Public Land in North Dakota (Big Buck Footage)

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Joe and Sam headed to North Dakota for some public land bow hunting once again this fall. Unfortunately it was a little bit of a struggle but they still managed some opportunities at some nice public land bucks. Hope everyone enjoys the video! We’re always looking forward to hearing from you guys in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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Rickelle Hazlett says:

What’s your name

Larry Lewis says:

We dont care about all that talking just show us the video.of the deer kill

Michael Pocius says:

I know Wayne Pocius and I live in North Dakota you certainly are not him. 🤷‍♂️

WIBOWHunter says:

Another suggestion is to take out another arrow and just stick it in ur backpack so u can quickly and quietly take a followup shot if needed

Wyat Gambill says:

Just awesome filming and footage. Wow

Chevrolet Or No Way says:

I notice a lot of hunters who film themselves seem to take their quivers off of their bows once they get in the stand. Do you guys have a particular reason why you do that? Just curious because I don't and maybe I could learn something.

Clay Robert says:

Amazing to watch that buck hit that invisible scent barrier like he walked into a glass door.

Clay Robert says:

You rushed that first shot my man.

24blunt says:

is it me are is it the at 11:50 ITS NOT THE SAME because the filming is way off and ole boy can't see what he's talking about. he's looking thru his binos but not seeing whats on camera. help me understand. and im all 4 the recording but between recording and shooting you guys recording gets in the way

Bigger Cheese says:

Absolutely Nobody:
Not a Single Soul:
North Dakotans: North Dakooooooooooota

By The Way North Dakota is trash
South Dakota is far Better

Bowhunting RadNek says:

Thanks for sharing the hunt. Got to about 10 minutes. Music must be generational. Took away from the hunt for me. I like to hear the natural sounds of the air, the breeze, the arrow flying, the crunch of the leaves, the breathing hunter. Couldn't hear any of that with the music. Anyway, best wishes to you guys, great looking deer where you were hunting. All the best.

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