Elephant hunting in Namibia – The Caprivi Strip with Omujeve Hunting Safaris

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Hunting in Namibia with Omujeve Hunting Safaris: Hunting in the Caprivi Strip for Cape Buffalo and Elephant.

Elephant hunting in the Caprivi Strip in Nambia has been a very popular elephant hunting area in the last few years, especially for hunters from the US.

Hunting elephant in the Caprivi is a very unique experience not only because of the numbers of elephant that move through the region but because the hunting areas offer some great hunting opportunities for hippo, croc, cape buffalo as well as red lechwe, roan, kudu and several other plains game species as well.

Namibia offers several different elephant hunting experiences but hunting elephant in the Zambezi region, formally known as the Caprivi Strip, between Namibia, Angola, Botswana and Zambia is very unique because of the geographic layout and the terrain.

You can hunt elephant in marshlands next to the rivers, traveling around in boats whilst scouting for hippo and croc or track them on foot for miles and miles every day.

The same goes for buffalo hunting in Namibia. The Caprivi Strip in some areas not only boast good numbers of buffalo but also offer some very good trophy quality as well. Buffalo hunting in the Caprivi is a great add on to your elephant hunt.

Elephants traveling between Botswana, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe move through this narrow stretch of land which means the big tuskers come through from time to time and after long hours and hard work it’s just a matter of time before you connect with that big old elephant trophy bull hunting in Namibia – The Caprivi Strip.

Omujeve Hunting Safaris in Namibia not only hunt a couple of their own areas in the Zambezi Region but have relationships with other operators in the region as well which allow hunters to pursue their trophy elephant in many of the prime hunting areas the Caprivi has to offer. Corne Kruger and his team of professional hunters will try their best to make your cape buffalo and elephant hunting safari in Namibia a success.

Follow along as we hunt hippo, cape buffalo, elephant and more in Namibia.

As with all elephant hunting, your typical hunt starts off early in the morning, heading out before sunrise to scout for elephants and elephant activity. Elephant hunting in the Caprivi is no different.

On our elephant hunt, we spent countless hours that turned into days, scouting and tracking elephants for miles.

There is something special about elephant hunting and tracking them in the sandy soil in the Caprivi definitely did not disappoint.

The hunter also made an incredible long distance shot with a Heym .577 double rifle that dropped the cape buffalo in its tracks. Not something you see everyday. We spotted buffalo from the river and tracked them the entire day, finally catching up to them late afternoon. We tried getting as close as we could but unfortunately we caught up to them in an open grassland and they spotted us. The cape buffalo busted out and we followed. We were very fortunate that they stopped not too far from where they took off, but now they knew we were there and we had to take a shot or risk loosing them and heading back to camp empty handed. The shot landed where it was supposed to and the celebrations were well deserved. So was the lunch we finally had for a snack heading back to camp after sunset.

We continued elephant hunting working hard, every day all day trying to cut down on the averages and find the trophy bull we were looking for. on the second to last day we finally connected. After so many long hours and days spent to try and get to this moment, it all happened rather quickly and the relieve after the shot rang true was the cherry on the cake.

We stalked in, very quietly after getting the wind right… As we cleared the last tree to finally get a side visual of the elephant bull, he turned and faced us, the perfect angle to try a frontal with the Heym. 577 Nitro Express double. It happened quick and the follow up shot with the double brought him down.

A great all round team effort and a very successful hunt in Namibia, hunting the Zambezi Region with Omujeve hunting Safaris.

© Melcom Van Staden


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