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Realtree Land Pro Tondo Waldron fulfills his life long dream of shooting a buck out of a barn!


Tin can For a cup says:


Brian Eisenga says:

Nice mature buck. That is just as good as T-bones buck from the silo. Congratulations on a successful hunt. Always nice when a plan comes together.

Shane M says:

Approved everyone that don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on camouflage and high-end gears to shoot a big buck from the barn.  Red flannel jacket and jeans with a folding chair and bow are all you need.

Jerod Henderson says:

First off the neighbor 3 blocks down got stick with a whole tree lol next the cardinal thing I always think about how they say it's relatives visiting I lost my dad a few years ago now and I always thinks it him visiting me in the stand, I always whisper where are the deer dad lol and I use to hunt out of an old pony barn for years until it became way to over grown.

Huntz Ohio says:

The pieces of the tree flying in the air was epic

Huntz Ohio says:

Gives me Jeff Sturgis vibes! Great video. Love learning about how people handle buying land and turning it into a hunting paradise.

Ben Dover says:

I tried to get permission to goose hunt that Gardner pond

Hidden Bear Off Grid says:

Interesting video, good looking deer. My buddies think I should hunt from my porch, lol.

Ken- Machine says:

Some good looking 🦌 deer. That's awesome hunt 😁. Good hunt.ken John 3 16

Nathan De Grand says:

Its passed already?

Ryftzz says:

Wtf 2 hours and only 3 comments ngl this channel is dead

Brady Davis says:

Lemme hear your YEE

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