Finding Turkeys in NEW Areas!! (Turkey Tour Schedule)

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Learn how we harvested gobblers in three different states on new areas!
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TacticalMerk says:

You forgot NY!!

austin meehan says:

Where in north florida will you be hunting?

Nathan Schaffer says:

no minnesota?

Eric Anderson says:

Those TN lake hunt videos were the best I ever seen on THP. Hope to see more of that. Can’t wait.

Jarod Dorsey says:

Y’all outta hunt West Virginia some

Maineiack207 says:

There is a lot of good hunting here in Maine. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Public Junkies says:

We like to do a lot of run and gun on public land gobblers, who knows how educated some of those birds are, close that gap and good luck!

Ken Anderson says:

Which WMA in Tennessee were you hunting?

Logan Bish says:

are you going to PA at all


I am ready what time and day is kick-off?

Walter Hackbarth says:

241 comments and not one person has mentioned that zach cut his hair…what the heck thought he was never cutting it 🤔😂

Art Trumbo says:

You guys should go hunt turkeys in Hawaii next season. I'd love to see that.

Mike Wisner says:

A lot of turkeys on Taylorsville Lake WMA

ROX says:

Great tips Gents….Nice video…Good luck this season…can't wait for it here in Eastern NC!

M Maple says:

Always waiting patiently for you all, or someone, to get yourselves into Illinois; either deer archery or spring turkey. Next season get yourself into the lottery system! Plenty of good public land to be roaming, especially in central and southern Illinois. Lots of very big tracts of public land, but many smaller tracts are overlooked. One day!!

Cooper Boinske says:

Yes, I am so happy you guys are coming to Maine. If you guys need a place to stay I have a camp where you can pitch a tent or stay in our camper. It’s in the Bangor area

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