Black Coyote Hunt with No Culls S9:E18

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On this episode, Greg “No Culls” Gallagher and camera-man for the day Clint Holden, are hunting a couple of black coyotes that a farmer told them he’d seen. They use all MFK vocals to bring a pretty black female coyote running in to the MFK Edition Foxpro Shockwave! This is one of the prettiest coyotes ever filmed on an MFK episode!!! Visit us at


Redneck Roughneck says:

Thought it was funny to see the outline of the coyote on the ground after he picked it up where all the frost had melted. It was a perfect outline of the yote. I’m looking to get set up to hunt them before too long. I been trapping them for the past two years and I’ve caught a pile of them.

Kjell Hvamb says:

I really liked this video. Well made and well done. I see alot of excitement and emotions going on as well.
And no culls…he is a winner….and has character and alot of personality. More videos with no culls up font, if possible.
Thumbs up immediately and greetings from one of your subscribers in Norway.

David Simpson says:

I hope you have it mounted.

Walter Hyder says:

Excellent job, dudes!

Wendall Kauffman says:

That ones a keeper!👊🏼 nice shootin!!

Devin Duncan says:

Blind, crippled, or crazy… No Culls Greg $&@&$ em all. And get your mind out the gutter. The $&@&& is sensoring the word “kills”. 🤣 Nice work yall!

Robert Sanders says:

Is the call supposed to lay completely flat on the roof of your mouth. I'm not sure if I'm putting it back far enough in my mouth.



Earl Krantz says:

Way to go fellas! Awesome job!!

Mr Collier says:

Pretty sweet coyote I would tan that one

Ben Adkins says:

Will yall plz do a gear set up like what kind of chair and bag and what all you have with you on the hunts I would really appreciate it.
And what an amazing kill by the way

apb5f24 says:

You MoFos been sitting on this footage/hunt since late December? how the hell you all sleep at night

Tommy Perkins says:

How much does the MFK pig slop call sale for?

Zach Mitchell says:

Hell yea way to go Greg no culls 💪

H Phillips says:

Beautiful country and nice coyote. Glad the hunt was successful. The rifle is loud even with the suppressor

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