Big Boar Dies in 4 Seconds New Broadhead, SUPER SLO MO 4K

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Hunting for big boars and neilgie bulls I captured some cool kill shots is South Texas last week. Amazingly, I dropped a boar in seconds after sticking him with a new broadhead Grim Reaper had laid on me. I then ambushed a Neilgie Bull at point blank while hiding in the scrub. Pretty fast action hunt with cool slo mo kills. Bloods flying and critters dying. Fillin’ the freezer with some killer meat.


Langdon Stradley says:

The laughing and disrespect you show them after they're dead shows a lot about your character

Karmapa says:

stupid killer

Stuart Wright says:

Low pressure light "on".

John Reynolds says:

How Heavy was that Arrow on that Boar? That Arrow Dropped Quick

Larry Kane says:

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Agape Philerostorge says:

U must be da coolest dude in TX 😊

I don't doubt it if you're dat chill off camera and in real life ✌

And you sound like Clint Eastwood "go ahead, make my day" voice.

Silvio Bugnano says:

fucking son of a bitch, what fuck you laughling, shit fucking guy?

In Vino Veritas says:

That first hog you shot Tim,it could hear the arrow wiggling in its direction.He reacted before the arrow even hit him……….

ななみちあき says:


Geovane Gonçalves says: subcribers ai

SamUrai says:

Big brother Tim, you really are the favorite of all amongst us hunters.
You already knew this but we love you man.

Bzo says:

that wasnt 4 seconds bullshit

V. A. says:

Hello Mr. Wells,
what draw weight do you use for hunting?
Do you switch draw weight on different game?

William Coleman says:

This is a great channel to watch, you and DeerMeat for Dinner, Robert Errington who lives in Florida, have similar channels, I am not sure if you know of his YouTube video channel he hunts bow and rifle and does a lot of fishing as well, he is what you call catch, clean, cook, he also stalks the game that he has on his ranch. I would be interested in seeing both of you on a hunt or fishing expo for those of us who watch both of your channels.

Luke Barten says:

Its more than 4 seconds idk if u can count

Doctor Death says:

4:23 what was that sound

Clorox Bleach says:

congrats on the bull never seen a bull that big go down by an arrow

CAfakmykak says:

Love me some hunting clips that I can watch in high resolution. 1080p is so 2015

No name says:

9:35 Lowkey never thought id feel bad for a turkey but like the thought crossed my head of being only half decapitated, and it really got my left leg hurting for no reason.

David Levin says:

seguramente ni hambre tiene este tarado, caza por gusto nada mas

Old tratizzy vids says:

Df is the point of killin animals

Al Friesen says:

Problem with headline. Arrow hits pig at 2:39, camera fades away from still kicking pig at 3:02, but he'll be gone soon. It's not 4 seconds anyway you do the math, more like 23 seconds plus. Good shot though.

Yieldingport22 _ says:

Tim you need to get a game called the hunter call of the wild you would love it

mike harryman says:

What bow are you using? Looks like a recurve and a compound. Combined

honey bee says:

You make me want to go hunt

B OD says:

"amazingly i killed an animal with modern technology" – If you're impressed by this you have small dick energy.

susanne menke says:

you are the best shooter mr. wells

Christopher King says:

Did anyone else hear that leg snap at 4:25 that was awesome and gnarly

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