I speared a wild Boar and then an Elk!!

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Hunting west Texas turned out to be quite a thrill ride. Wild elk and boar free range the Davis mountains and are both a delicious prize to spear. After walking the mining roads that snake throughout the hills i found key spots to set stands and waited for animals to find my bait. I’ve captured two spear kills on my remote cameras from multiple angles. This video illustrates the extreme lethalness of a spear. The boar actual died on video after being speared and this is possibly the first elk speared on video. At least as far as I know of?


JustScrolling says:

Vegans left the chat

Deborah Woodkey says:

Wow Tim that’s crazy good job!

yaboycapone 96 says:

That's dope

Delightfullydemented65 says:

"Gooo! GET TO DA CHOPPAH," as Arnie would say lol..

CurtDawg says:

You should post a video of your spear sharpening technique?

Adventure One says:

I need to try to Spear a hog in SW Texas. FOr anyone wondering spearing is legal for nongame animals (hogs, coyotes, exotics) but not legal means for game animals (deer, turkey, javalina, etc.)

Vincent says:

Imagine 1000s of years ago when men wear using spears on the battle field…the damage and the sounds a grown man would make after getting speared.

Jesus Christ says:

Seeing all the blood you really do feel bad for the animal but gotta eat somehow

Tommy Gunn says:

PFP wild boar 🐗 is the toughest then any animal?

Martial lee says:

Love your videos, very educational and intriguing

swordfighter grr says:

Ohhh so much more blood than i expected

de kay says:

Question. Ive seen a spear at academy at $40 each and i have a 43 acre that has boars messing up the yard. Could it be any good.?

LiquidSnakePL says:

If elk was dead "in seconds" after throw why it was so dark when he found her?

Jacob Garz says:

Before anyone tries to crap on Tim just know that spear hunting is one of the most ethical and clean ways to kill an animal

Oasis Crushinglife says:

Haha 5:25 that came outa nowhere

Triston Castille says:

Commenting on all your vids 80

AltRighty says:

kinda brutal to spear a poor elk like that the pigs do deserve it though

Texas Jungle says:

Glory hole 🕳 😬😂

Tim Knutsen says:

Tim your family will never need to worry about not having pure protein on the table. I'd really like to go on a bow hunt with you. I've already made one but I'm also buying a spear asap!

JSP949 says:

Love the drone shots!

Chinese Chicken says:

And the Squeals Of fresh bacon echo through the valley.

Mister Fox says:


joe schmoe says:

Why on earth is this illegal in a lot of states?

Stone Colombo says:

What spear is used here?

black lab vlogs says:

Love ya vids also hunt animals

Chris Canterbury says:

Awesome footage. Keep it up. Spear hunting is legal in Nebraska 😉

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