Hiking Stereotypes

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Have you been hiking before? Check out our version of hiking stereotypes full of excitement, danger and fun! Which type of hiker are you?! Drop a message in the comments below to let us know which character you relate to most and feel free to add suggestions for our next video!

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*All of our videos are inspired by our favorite gang- Dude Perfect!! Check out some of their amazing stereotype videos at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfTnowfhW2c&t=36s

*Credit of the background song goes to DP as it is an original Dude Perfect Remix of “Heavy Funk” by Goborni DJ


MoreAPar says:

Why are y’all wearing masks outside?

Galagawitz's Claymations and more says:

You guys are as funny as the dude perfect guys! Keep up the amazing work! Love your channel!

Bennett Linn says:

Also we have this name 'Bennett Linn'

Bennett Linn says:

This is the real dude perfect great job on channel! P.S Are profile picture is like this so we can congratulate dude perfect fans! Pound it…….Noggin see ya!

Cade Venable says:

maybe try getting in a quieter space p.s. i found your Chanel 1 day ago p.s (again) maybe upload more often

Lindy Mcclure says:

Good job but maybe talk louder so we can hear you better but other that great job!!

Potato Head says:

Aaaaahhhh now that I watched this I want all of that food 🙁

Deagamind says:

This is so cringe but so good

Drop Films says:

This is cringe but I love it!🤣🤣🤣

AMF Productions says:

I rly love how dude perfect influences u guys! I’m a huge fan of DP myself! KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!

roman posadas says:

You guys are awesome!! Keep it up 😎

Legit Beast says:

0:44 when you think that food is energy.

Scientist Rex says:

I love it! It is very funny!

ProbitySquad says:

Nice job!!!!

kelly hodgson says:

I like steriyotys

StreetFighterFan 12 says:

Dude, You guys are Perfect

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