Almost Buffalo Charge!!! Hunting Buffalo in Zimbabwe / Episode 1

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Hunting in the Save Valley Concervancy for African Cape Buffalo with professional hunter Thierry Labat.


karlydoc says:

"That's how it's done!"

be happy be positive says:

For what ur killing them???

abdul wakanda says:

what a good experience facing that buffalo charge up close…

Sweet Banana says:

Why does the zimbabwean government allow this indiscriminate killing of wildlife ???
Is the country that desperate for forex from these "licensed poachers "?

Antony Sanya says:

Why are you guys interfering with nature???!!

ankur barua says:

no patience hunting

Orlandojose Aguilarbello says:

Muy buena caza pero mucho disparos le hicieron

African Sun Productions says:

Well made video, I liked watching it. Good job on following that Buffalo after the first shot!

mubeen gangat says:

Nice shorts

AustrianJager says:

Will the PH´s in Zimbabwe allow 9,3×64 for Buffalo? Loaded with Barnes bullets to 6000 Joule.

l says:

Such a first bad shot …

Blubb Blubb. says:

you rly should spend more time at the range tbh

Jeff Morris says:

That first shot was not a good shot.Why doesn,t anyone ever shoot them in the neck.At that distance when he was sideway,s a bullet to the center of his spine would of put his light,s out instantly.

Shapour Ebra says:

Way they killed buffaloes

Deon Brits says:

Like the comment about shooting him in the teeth! Just don't try it with a 375! The buff will spit the bullet right back at you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

ZuidAfrikaanseJagter says:

Good day, but what rifle was the PH using?

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