Long Range African Hunting with a surprise after credits! White Lion Safaris – host in South Africa

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Long range hunting is a hot topic, many love it, others hate it. When it is done like this hunt by Jaco Wessels, with White Lion Safaris, you can’t fault the guys that are addicted to long range hunting.

Jaco did a great job in preparation before he even took aim at this Blesbuck. Hours on the shooting range perfecting his own shooting and fine tuning his hand loaded ammo. He was shooting a 300 Weatherby Improved with 220gr Eldx Hornady. Sig Sauer 3000 BDX, the worlds most advanced range finder and fed all data to his Strelok Pro ballistic app.

The Free State, South Africa is the perfect location to test your long range shooting skills, wide open flats with enough cover to get to your desired distance from the animal your are after.

Enjoy the surprise at the end of the hunt, after the credits… it’s funny as hell! (06:00)

To have your own hunt filmed: info@africansunproductions.com
To hunt with White Lion Safaris: ricus@whitelionsafaris.com

أفضل فيديوهات الصيد على اليوتيوب. الصيد في أفريقيا…


Aidan Padoa says:

This was hilarious this made my day

David Wong says:

Cant wait to go back and hunt for the lions again.

YourBoyBrakpan69 says:

What calibre was used?The gun performed very well!

Just Nature's Music says:

Always great footage from African Sun Productions, and good commentary from Jaco. Funny surprise at the end is great!

Ubaid Ub. says:

it's a good surprise.
please upload full.
cause we waited for a long

Rons Woodturning shop and stuff says:

Excellent! 2020 can’t be over soon enough. Along with Covid, we are on our 6th hurricane in Louisiana this year. A good laugh is what we all need!

james punch says:

It's been raining in eastern Australia as well, so I am watching your vids. We are self isolating to some extent, and only getting short hunting trips in. The world needs a lot of light hearted humour @ the moment.

Monique Fourie says:

definition of qaulity content

Martin Stiastny says:

What wonderful timing on posting this video.
It's raining in NE Pennsylvania.
You can really feel the dampness.
I was reading Robert Ruark's book, Use Enough Gun (for the 20th time) and looking forward to next July.

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