30 Coyotes Down With The 22-250 Suppressed. (EPIC 4K KILL FOOTAGE)

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Another sequence of the most precisely placed kill shots in the predator hunting industry, all using Custom 22-250 Bolt Action Suppressed Rifles. For Gear and Equipment used be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly uploads!




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EDI R. says:

why must be killed😭😭

Deltadawg660 says:

DAmn guys – do you ever miss.

Crimean Крымчанин says:

Of the very large number of videos on the subject of shooting coyotes watched, I think this film is the best. Because all the shots were selected very qualitatively and professionally and the most important action was shown. Thank you for your work and a very useful job. Greetings from the Russian Crimea from kind and happy Russians. Thank you so much for a very wonderful film on this topic. GOOD MEN!

monte jones says:

gotta luv that 250 I do mine!

ILYA_ NY says:

good hunting

James Diesel says:

Love all the videos fellas. I've watched the podcast. Recently watched the in depth "kill box" episode. Just wanted to give you guys a shoutout for all the information and content you've provided. I do watch the videos all the way until the end.

Ahmad Abrahemy says:

ارحمو من في الأرض يرحمكم من في سماء

Junard Burigsay says:

Wondering if you can do sim shots, there's a lot of second chances

John Ballantyne says:

Great stuff guys, thanks for that. 👍🏼

Sabbatai Zevi 1666 says:

Awesome video. I think 22-250 is a good caliber for assult Rifles and military. Best regards from Serbia.

Alan Williamson says:

Top shooting..excellent one shot kills

Tim Omahony says:

best shot placement and best video i have watched this year keep it up lads pukka shooting

Рафиль Шункаров says:

Hello. If possible, specify the distance to the kayots.

홍택수 says:

Good shot ~~

Iman Karsidi says:


Eric Hibbs says:

I really respect your marksmanship skills. Almost every shot you guys show is a clean, quick, ethical shot. Thanks fellas, I try to do the same.

D. Walsh says:

Great video guys, I love the sound of that suppressed 22-250 … KRACK …THUMP .. LOVE IT !! Keep up the good work !

Steve says:

Can you say "Pole-Axed"!? Sure you can!

Chuck A. says:

What bullet are y’all shooting out of your 250

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