Dead Lion Walking: Canned Hunting in South Africa

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‘Dead Lion Walking’ highlights the extent of the cruel canned hunting industry in South Africa, where there are around 6000 captive lions in 200 breeding facilities. Featuring exclusive footage of these “hunts” and interviews with experts on the industry, the video shows why the public should say no to this horrendous practice and exposes the massive welfare concerns and cruelty within the lion breeding industry in South Africa.


Matthias C says:

The people giving it a 'like' are the ones making sure it gets more publicity. They are agreeing with the uploader that it's a horrible practice. If you gave it a 'dislike' you are actually saying to the uploader, "why are you making a video being negative of canned hunting?". It means you actually like it. Then YT's AI thinks nobody wants to watch it so makes sure it gets less of a chance in searches and doesn't get suggested at the end of videos or at the side.

Matthias C says:

People need to give these videos 'thumbs up' that way they get more of a chance in showing up in searches and bringing more publicity to this disgusting practice. I don't think people understand the 'thumbs' feature. In this clip, a thumbs down doesn't mean you disapprove of the content i.e disapprove of canned hunting, it actually means the opposite. It means you dislike that the uploader disapproves of it and has made a video to highlight how horrible it is. A thumbs down also means this video gets less of a chance coming up in searches or suggestions as YT thinks ppl think it's not worth watching

Monty Mclaren says:

i am a hunter as my profession and for this to be labelled as hunting is horrific

Frans Bertelkamp says:

hoe kan je nou een leeuw zo makkelijk af schieten,ook omdat hij tussen de mensen is groot gebracht is,en dan ook nog door een kruis boogschieten, hallo,hoe zielig ben je om een leeuw,zoooooo,te laten lijden met 3a4 pijlen te schieten en nog is de leeuw nog niet dood,als je het ziet,ik schiet ze nog liever de mensen af, die op de filmpje staan,R,I,P,F,B, mapogo,s

Dionicio Ysassi says:

At least lions wont go extinct at this rate.

مجداوية إلى الأبد says:

Well this is down right cruel, in Islam this is prohibited

さんまろ says:


Zimbabwe Youth Outdoors says:

This is not hunting, this is murder plain and simple, the beauty of hunting is being on the ground stalking the animal and putting yourself in the animals territory where you are also in danger, hunting gives you a connection and respect for the animal you have shot, this does not give you that, this is a plain joy of killing, absolutely disgusting and anyone who takes place in this can burn in hell

Joe Kelsall says:

This is not hunting! The animals with the rifles cannot claim to have an iota of the dignity of the lion. I would question their sexuality and morality. You could not pay me enough to participate in this barbaric ‘sport’. If they really wanted to test their courage they could go and hunt ivory poachers who have the ability to return fire. That would redress the balance of feeling involved in a competitive ‘sport’. I would pay good money to spectate!

Danny D says:

I gave this video a dislike. I hope it doesn't mess up who You Tube shows the video to. This video sure needs to be seen by more people.

Ashton J says:

This is horrible they should not do this this needs to be stopped what if you got put in a cage to be killed for fun you horrible horrible people you guys suck you must have nothing else to do but this you murders you evil people

Sabnam Tandy says:

This is so cruel 😭😭😭😭😭

my beloved beautiful Feline says:

cowards. it's easier to shoot a captive lion with high quality rifles than hunt alone in the desert with the risk of being killed by a preadator. The Masai tribe at least only uses their spears and their self produced weapons and nothing more.

Cher White says:

How is this fair? How can Trump allow this to happen?

River St-Lawrence says:

The names of the hunters must be made public in their country of origin and sued if their country has the necessary laws.

Yama John says:

I think the shout kill this people who walked wrong of humanity

René Hillegers says:

i hope this hunters get corona

henry pendle says:

Coronavirus is natures wrath.

Jeff Taylor says:

I hope those lions get out of their cage and eat the shit out of those shit bags, may they feast before they make the kill.

Lisa Hatton says:

I am absolutely disgusted by this sick,cruel murder of what should be Africa's iconic symbol of their country.These majestic lion's should be admired,and seen from a distance..15,000 left in the wild really..In 50-75 yrs from now if Africa doesn't have these predators to help keep the grass eater's in check,they will decimate the place..THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW..THIS NEEDS TO BE A CRIME..YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR THIS..ITS ALL ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR…THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL….
🦁🦁 🦁🦁 🦁🦁 🦁🦁 🦁

Said Aweys says:

I just don’t understand why people hunt these animals if you’re not going Nd it’s not causing you any harm to why kill them

MrD 2001 says:

Canned hunting is just lazy and pathetic.

JohnK004 says:

Shooting these petty lions is too kind and boring… they need to be torn to pieces, slowly… and shown on television for all the animal lovers to see.

Lisa GALLET says:

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Benny Su says:

Approximately 60 percent of all lions killed for sport in Africa are shipped to the U.S. as trophies. What a shame of United States

Avacooda says:

Try to kill a strong animal without a gun or any other weapons/traps. We will see how "cool" you are when you beg for your life. Those people were just disgusting and should be trash

Sauceee Water says:

How can you kill such a majestic beast Shame on the African government for allowing this to continue

Jeoni Tao says:

Pimping lions dam

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