Bow Hunting Open Country Bucks – Self-filmed DIY Mule Deer (Eastmans’)

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This is a DIY public land mule deer bow hunting adventure! Join Eastmans’ Elevated podcast host Brian Barney as he hunts for an open country buck with his good friend Dan Heavrin. They both have licenses to tag and are working together to get it done on this episode of Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid.

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Ron Fine says:

Enjoyed it thank you and nice deer.

Austin Garcia says:

How far was the shot?

Jonathan Funnell says:


Bill Madd says:

Great shot and videography. Too bad you couldn’t make it happen on the big old buck! We all screw em up sometimes though!

Joshua Craig says:

Nice hunt good job! Buuuuutt if you’re gonna claim to be diy and solo then be solo. When the guys in the background laugh it kinda gives you away 🤷🏼‍♂️

Joseph Gomes says:

Nice shot. 20 minute video, about 17 minutes of some fairly big nosed dude TALKING and TALKING about what he did ( we saw it) and what he's gonna do, (that's what the camera is s'posed to show) soooooo, talk less, the PICTURE tells a story…
Nice deer,

Clarence Maximum says:

How far was the Shot?

Ocoopa Hand Warmer says:

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Frank's Little Farm says:

Great video Brian. I love it when the pros show that they are human and can make mistakes as well. More importantly you demonstrated that never quit attitude which ultimately leads to success.

Leif Moen says:

Nice job Brian! Great work getting it all on film as well. That hunt had everything you want in a hunt and the rewards are all worth it in the end. Congratulations buddy.💪

MadDawg Noll says:

You did a good job self filming. I wasn't sure you were gonna get the shot. At to keep at it. Nice buck, good meat, great hunt

al oberdorf says:

Really helps to pick a hair……to quote Patrick F McManus…."Modified Stationary Target Panic"…..we all have one time or another…Keep on Stalking……

Basalt Blackwater & Excavation says:

Great film Brian!! The highest highs and lowest lows for sure. Glad to see you creat success once again.

budmcgavran says:

Perfect shot Brian, you couldn’t have drawn an X better on him! Looked like a fun hunt and awesome video dude👊🏼

Brian Johnson says:

At least you didn't cry on camera after missing that buck! That's a win !!!

nharrison72 says:

Fun seeing Brian, as it is listening to Brian.
Nice deer ! Enjoyed the video!

Chris Nunez says:

Fantastic job Brian. well done and congrats. Cheers

OTP Outdoors says:

Always better to shoot over there back, then to put a non-fatal shot on a buck and chase him for a week.

Dan Epperson says:

Awesome hunt!

David Gonzalez says:

Awesome! How long was kill shot?

Isaac Whitney says:

Hey a clean miss is better than a bad hit.

Brian Call: Gritty says:

Good stuff! Congrats Brian! Killer hunt!

David Gonzalez says:

Kudu pt broadheads?

idahomike100 says:

awesome! awesome! loved every minute of it! please put more videos like this,up.
true fair chase hunting the animals wits against yours. up close and personal. not dropping a buck way out there with a high powered high tech rifle which isnt fair chase.
way to go eastman's!!!

Bigfoot Llamas says:

Awesome country and great buck👊

Záznamy ze streamů says:

You have got a cold heart😖😖😖😖

Science of Cardio says:

Great job with self film… Tough stuff. Almost impossible with a bow hunt.

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