LEGO Dude Perfect Hunting Stereotypes

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Titus Rose says:

One thing I missed about this video is when the dude brings all that food into the hunting shack with ty

Ethan Vanden says:

the shold make a dude perfect lego set

Jotham Chin says:

Thank you nick for this new styrotype really enjoyed it!

Sondra Covert says:

Do restaurant stereotypes from dude perfect.

Christopher Nichols says:

Thanks for the new video, Nick bricks! 🙂

MICSAR64 Lego & More says:

Unreal mate!

panzer schreck productions says:

Kar98 back their in the shop so you do buy brick arms

Isa Farooq says:

This is dope

david mckeeman says:

So sick dude

Joegamer6 Pettifer says:

Are you too old for legos

HM Stopmotionz says:

Sets are perfect and animation is spot on!🔥

Lara Sims says:

I love how much work you put into these! I know that these arent easy but you are so talented

Shadøw says:

Dude Perfect Lego Edition🔥

SethCf says:

This must take so long

Victoria Sarandis says:

keeps getting better and better:,)

Lego Capta1n Animations says:

This is awesome! I'm totally going to show this to my Friends!

Buddy zr says:

“Dude you just shot the mojo!” “What’s the mojo?” Best line ever

Jaeden Sports says:

Sometimes it’s almost even more fun in Lego.

Joost van der Ham says:

Insane vid again

Pronghorn Antelope says:

0:28 – Bro that's a Red deer not a Whitetail .

Izyz Productions says:

This must’ve been hard to make, you obviously are talented! 😀

Roberta Sherwood says:

That was great 🤣

Chaz Cormier says:

great job awesome vid

The stick Destroyer says:

Yes,my favourite stereotype

Joshua Baker says:

I knew this video would come out one day. Hunting sterotypes is one of the best sterotypes

Sam Matias says:

This is pretty cool

Aaron Kampe says:

Another Amazing Job keep it up

ThatChristianGamer says:

8 minutes ago no way

Madison and Leah says:

I think you should do cool not cool from ot 20

Madison and Leah says:

This wants to make me go camping

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