Giant Colorado Backcountry Bull Elk – Limitless 69

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Adam harvests a big Colorado bull elk in the backcountry on opening morning!


Susanna Christiansen says:

Can you show us your walls and everything you have mounted

Taylor Hart says:

Great bull but I hated watching that shot.

Daniel Mozer says:

Pretty sure there was a fire ban throughout the entire state this whole fall season. Please don’t come here and burn down our state. Good video otherwise, but look at fire regulations more carefully.

nekeke says:

Jesus is our Lord, our way and the Truth.

Scott Sullivan says:

Jesus is the way! I would love to hunt with you two gentlemen.

Charley 12 says:

Love your shows don't get me wrong but God don't just fallow and help people kill his creations when there are billions of people in the world that need gods blessings more than killing animals, leave god in the church not the mountains – come on guys !!!!!!!

dave hood says:

Idk,. I hate to criticize, but man.Disappointed in the hasty shot,you had time to get a knee ,and tag him broadside when he stopped.But what really gets me is you Left the Meat On the Ground (I wouldn’t unless no trees),after seeing the bear?Tjen hiked the skull out first!?”Just a piece of bone”. Priorities,boys.

Susanna Christiansen says:

Is that a 25 o 6 but God is good

ccasady1 says:

Beautiful place and fantastic Bull. God is so good

Craig Washburn says:

Thanks brothers!

northameican fisherman says:


Kerry Hurd says:

Great hunt guys beautiful bull love coming along for the journey God Bless

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