Coyote Hunting Amish Style! 42 Coyote Day!!! (Coyote Drive)

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Jacob Radcliffe says:

What kind of shells do y’all shoot?

Mike S says:

Looks like you need to wear more orange. Seems like they are more attracted to the people wearing orange vests.

Trey Moore says:

What shells do you use

Parker Taix says:

You shouldve brought a .223 or .243

AustinYT says:

Dude I got the cluck moan and honk down from watching Bobby he helps so much and u Jordan helped me aim better at birds bcz of scope cam

ben butler outdoors says:

What sleeves are those? Or what ever the cattail stuff is on ur shirt

Hendricks Baker says:

You might not of shot one but it was still cool to see all of those deer running around.

Ty Adkins says:

Those hunts look sick!! Looking forward to more trapping vids

Daniel Walston says:

Wow that’s a lot of coyotes!

Outdoor Experiences says:

Keep it up man

snowgoose71 says:

Hey Jordan Jr here. My neighbor went deer hunting down there in SE Kansas during the last doe only season. 4 guys shot 21 deer. Lots of deer down that a way. Brought me a bunch back also. Kudos to you guys on the yote hunt. Buy the way the summer sausage you gave me when we hunted with you, A+ brother.

Chris Gutsie says:

It's just on the cusp of shed season. Did anyone stumble upon any? Restore conservation by taking care of predation. Well done and be safe.

Clayton Waymire says:

I don’t know about anyone else anyone of your videos is a fire one

Dillin Sauve says:

Dont keep recapping the vids I hate it! I want to watch it and figure out what happens, it defeats the purpose of me watching it, you know?

Oklahoma Outdoorsman says:

I really appreciate you being honest with your vids. Not trying to clickbait everyone. Keep cranking em out man!

MattTZew says:

I didn't get a notification for this one

Landry Coy says:

Are u using buckshot or big birdshot

Scott Campbell says:

Have you seen any pheasants or quail on these drives?

Ermanno D'Angelo says:

Love those Amish hunts.

Rusty Meyer says:

You should try a hunt with greyhounds. A lot more fun than shooting them and your go pro will stay warmer in the truck. LOL!

Caleb Konrad says:

Hey Jordan I love these videos keep em coming 👍

Steven Beatty says:

Lil overkill?

gus superman says:

M8 cheers on your success . You seem to be having too much fun in the sun. Keep up the good work. God bless y'all.

robert Sturms II says:

You always make quality videos not every hunt are you successful at least everyone else thinned some of them out that's the most important thing

Alex P says:

What loads are you using?

Bill Hamllik says:

Sheeew big chungus

Rodney Wroten says:

every one looks like they had hunters orange on but you .

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