Hunting Mountain Bears

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Into High Country
Episode 4 Season 11

Jason hunts the mountains of Montana in search of Spring Black Bear. After a tough start to the season, Jason gets a chance a big boar he has been after for 3 seasons…


bavariasuhl says:

looks low, so either you didnt take into account angular component or your atmospherics changed so much (AD increased) or .. just plain missed

Sean Erickson says:

Thank you for sharing your hunt with us! Very good quality video as always.

Forrest Earnest says:

Congratulations on getting that big all black boar that you have been searching for and thanks for continuing to hunt that other bear that you shot at twice. Not sure if that second shot was high or went through him and kicked up dirt on the rock behind him. We can't hunt bears in the spring here, just in the fall. So our favorite spring quarry in West Virginia is the Eastern Turkey.

JEG JR says:

Patience, endurance, and humility to boot. Love the style of your videos! Thanks for sharing.

jude25 says:

Awesome video and story line. Well done, sir. You've earned a new subscriber.

Mzee Raza says:

Awesome 👍🏾

Why We Hunt says:

Great adventure, great story and a great bear you’ve got there. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Tyler Beasley says:

I'm ready for season!

Seth Niswender says:

These videos again I love em so calm and collect. No loud music. Just the hunt and all it has to be and is. Into high country. Keep them coming

Ethan Outdoors says:

Does anyone know what his go to caliber for hunting is?

gamehunter07 says:

Another great film of your hunts, you never disappoint. You set the bar high for all the other hunters filming.

Mike Schleh says:

I would love a floor Matt from one of these if you can help

S H says:

I know it probably isn't an issue by my buddy who had the exact same situation this fall always grabs his gun by the scope! Why would you if you didn't have tooo

jaron_to_the_dansie says:

Can it be Spring yet?

Josh Keiter says:

Another great outdoor production, Jason!

GL Edgren says:

What gun is that and what caliber

Tristan Madsen says:

Great Story brother, can’t wait to test myself in Montana come May!!

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