Young Elephant Shot Repeatedly in the Head Endures Agonising Death for a 'Trophy'

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Trophy hunters and those who make a living selling hunting trips and accessories like to claim that they kill animals in the name of “conservation” or, patronisingly, to support “natives” – but as this just-breaking PETA US video shows, hunting has nothing to do with respecting wildlife and everything to do with taking sadistic pleasure in needlessly taking lives.

Following an undercover investigation, PETA US has revealed South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s hidden connections to and investments in the trophy hunting industry and obtained video footage of an American trophy hunter who is incapable of making a clean kill, even with coaching from hunting guides, as he fells a young elephant just outside Kruger National Park.

See the shocking footage for yourself, and then take action to help stop elephants, lions, rhinos, Cape buffaloes, and other wonderful, vulnerable animals from being shot in cold blood and dying in agony just to give hunters a sick thrill and a trophy.


Orange Rightgold says:

Good job for posting this.


Carla Novak says:

I don’t care

Shihara Karunatilleke says:

This is sick .

Fred Ziffle says:

quit blurring the faces of these monsters!

Princess Christina of Livonia says:

Wat the Fu-k!!!!!

Johan Lindenhann says:

Buy you kill pets



Gundo Munyai says:

Something must be done about this. This is sick

Charles Fox says:

Trophy hunting is a disease.

Enigma Madix says:

Oh yeah fuck u peta let people live how they want to natural selection.

Enigma Madix says:

Well that's not good should be a better shot.

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