ALASKA BIG GAME Caliber selection

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Troy goes over calibers he personally has used over the past 30 years hunting across Alaska. In this course you will see DIY big game kill shots shot or filmed by Troy Sessions on his personal hunts for Moose, Caribou, grizzlies and Dall Sheep.
Bonus Feature: Moose hunt clips between Kyle Lamb and Troy Sessions showcasing the Marlin
45-70 killing two giant moose.
This topic on calibers selection is big however this course goes over what Troy has personally used backed up by actual footage on his hunts.
This course will only be online for a short while and then will be added to his extensive training courses located at

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60 Inch Club says:

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Dominic O'Hea says:

Good advice. Experience. Talking

Stephen Keefer says:

30.06 w/ 220 silvertips will take out anything you wish to shoot.
12 ga w/ OO buck for backup.

Ethan Mulvany says:

personally, I like the 300 RUM. It has better ballistics than the 300 winchester.

John Rambo says:

stop killing animals for fun, you son of a B**

GMSOutdoors says:

This guy has my dream house

Matthew Yingling says:

3006 is king of the woods

Henry Henry says:

I shot deer bear ans elk with my 270 but u better hit then big guys perfect. I’m building a 300 Norma mag now as I wanna see pass through shots on bear and elk even under tough conditions so rather have to much power than not enough it’s like a diesel for towing or a little v6 Gas job. U can do it with either but I guess I don’t have to explain ..
btw my buddy one if the best hunters out there he shoots a 338 he said there is no penalty for overkill! I always smiled at that and thought I’ll show these guys how to kill with a 270. U don’t need that big a gun I thought after wounding a bear and not find him he said to me I told u a bigger gun on that shot would’ve saved u! No I’m going 300 Norma! Shoot whatever u want but shoot big

sfcmmacro says:

Advice for anything in North America… .30/60 because you can load it light to match .30-30 or lighter or you can load it got and get near .300 Win Mag ballistics.
If you really want a second, close-range round for dangerous game… Look at a .45-70 Gvt in a strong action (Encore or Ruger #1) and push a hot 405 grain lead flat-nose.

ivanhamlyn says:

I use 30-06 for moose & bear no problems at all,, I have a .300 win mag but I prefer to use the 30-06

Tommy Smyth says:

I like the 300RUM to

Tommy Smyth says:

Me to I like it to

Mach 6 says:

Wait you’re friends with Kyle lamb? The delta force guy? That’s awesome

strat1080 says:

The Accubond LR is not a partition type bullet. It’s simply a softer version of the standard Accubond with a higher BC. It’s actually quite fragile and not yood for Magnums until you’re past 400 yards. It’s not good up close at higher velocities

Dwight McGuire says:

Thoughts on using a 450 bushmaster on moose/bear?

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