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We roosted gobblers the previous evening and one of those gobblers made a fatal mistake the next morning.

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00:00 Introduction
02:02 Moving In Tight
05:32 Changing Gobblers
09:30 Ready For The Shot
14:18 Gobbler Down
17:33 Unusual Hen Sounds


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nevrbluffs says:

Great footage of the hen! This is what it is all about, unique encounters in the wild which does not always end with pulling the trigger. Really enjoy your content!!

Brad Colvin says:

Awesome video Shane. I have heard a sound like that many times but never have associated it with a turkey. Thanks for sharing it.

FAMILY FIRST Macon, Ga. says:

That hen sounded like she just had her tonsils taken out

Major Misfit says:

My grandpa said he hated the smart birds. You'd spend all morning going, "Turkey, here turkey" and you'd have some feathered bastard going, "Human, come find me if you can"

Brian Schmidt says:

I appreciate adding story text and periodic subtitles. Helps follow along with the progress of the hunt, especially when I have a houseful of kids screaming behind me and can’t hear a darn thing!

Ryan M Outdoors says:

Enjoyed the ending with the HEN. using two camera angles while everyone was talking was a neat touch.

Joseph Cioni says:

Shane, very enjoyable video especially the hen in the end. Would you call that a whine? When I have had hens whine or what I thought was a whine near me, it was not breathy sound like what I heard on your video but a very soft sound and very low in volume.

Tim Doyal says:

Sweet yelping on that stubborn gobbler.

Todd R says:

Shane, great seeing your brother was able to get a bird and harvest it! You and Sebastian had a tough one there for sure who wasn't playing the game very well!! Thanks for the continued education you provide to all the viewers about tactics. I love how you explain what and why you are doing what you do. It really helps understand the context and tells the story! Looking forward to the next one coming!

Manu Garcia says:

Shane, great video.

Haven't seen videos of you tracking with callie in awhile, guessing the corona virus has slowed down hunters and there fore not as many wounded game?

Arky Hunter says:

Man I've hens make some weird sounds but never heard that one. She was growling at y'all.

wes adkins says:

another all around great video shane. thats gotta be a great feeling to experience that with your brother and nephews. im the only one in my family that hunts. loved the hen encounter i love to listen to the ladies get to talking. just cant believe someone gave this a thumbs down

Roll Tide says:

Years ago when I still watched the outdoor channel, I heard Rob Keck on an episode of turkey talk make that chicken whine call. I though he may have been half way senile. Guess I was wrong.

caleb root says:

"I havent seen or heard a hen at all"
Encounters a pterodactyl

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