Public Land Giant Bull Elk- Idaho Highlights- Incredible Elk Footage [4K]

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Follow Aaron Neilson as he hunts the state of Idaho during the peak of the elk rut. In nearly 2.5 weeks of hunting from Sept- 15 to Oct- 3rd we encounter hundreds of bulls and pass on several mature elk. Aaron decides to set his tag on a mature/heavy and symmetrical 6×6 that taped out at 379.5″

All these highlights were filmed on public land solely collected on the featured hunt. The bull was killed in an area with OTC opportunities! Check the link below and inquire with Global Hunting Resources to set you up on the hunt of a lifetime.

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Hunter: Aaron Neilson
Film: Kevin Hamilton & Andy Macdonald


Fish N' Hunt Oregon says:

Good job dropping the hammer till he went down.

Atwoodboys says:

What caliber

Dustin Murray says:

I always enjoy your videos! Great footage !

John Underwood says:

That’s some excellent Elk footage.

Josh Yoder says:

Awesome! When was this filmed?

Magwa Magwa says:

OK rifle , rut, what tag is this?

weekender38 says:

Well done, awesome footage, really great bull.

Owen Giovanni says:

OMG πŸ˜πŸ’‹ πŸ’πŸ’–β€οΈ

Skippy Lippy says:

Amazing footage. Thank you!

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