Montana Moose Hunting

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Into High Country
Episode 3 Season 11

Jason joins his father Tim to hunt for Shiras Moose on a coveted tag in their home state of Montana. This is truly a one of a kind hunt that your going to want to see…


Stanley Buck says:

Great video. Love how you honor your dad.

Justin Dyck says:

Awesome video as always, Jason! With the season your dad has had it looks like he’s got about a thousand pounds of meat to eat this year! Ha ha. Thanks for sharing.

S H says:

That is a Dandy!!!

GOTCHA Expeditions says:

Thanks for sharing the true reason we hunt, lifetime of memories and stories to be shared forever! Congrats to you and your Dad!

Tier One Outdoors says:

Amazing video and inspiration 👌

Antonio Fiammelli says:

Good job ,,, father and son ,,,, blessing from Montréal Canada 🇨🇦

Gary O says:

Yes….thank you Landowners for being open to share!! (And great job Pops…..and kid!)

Rising Sun MT says:

Great story, thanks for sharing 👍

Big Jim Slade says:

Loved watching the hunt and precious time spent with your Father. Congrats! Also want to echo the thanks and appreciation to the landowners who allowed access.

John Underwood says:

I sure wish I could of helped my dad at 85 fill his moose tag last year. We made an attempt but at that age and lack of mobility, it made it really tough. He wasn’t going to shoot just any bull. Probably should of put in for an area not as effected by wolves and bears, but it was nice hunting elk, moose and wolves all at the same time. That’s a nice bull. Well done Dad.

Forrest Earnest says:

Thank you for sharing such a great father and son hunting story. A Magical Matzinger Moose Hunt. Made me smile, but also reinforce to me about my Dad’s (my hunting mentor too) hunting mortality at 63. He with his arthritis doesn’t venture far from the house to hunt whitetail and turkey. Brought a few tears to my eyes, he would love to go on a moose hunt especially Alaska, but Montana would be sweet too. Also made me think of my beloved Mom who passed away Dec 4th at 59. Spend time together with those you hold dear for you never know.
Congratulations to you and your Dad on such a big ole Shiras moose. What a season indeed. God Bless

Thomas Craig says:

Brilliant. Love it 💙

Benjamin Langton says:

That is an amazing bull. It pales only to the memories of time spent with family outside. Great job, Tim and Jason.

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