Hunting Florida Hogs!

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American Archer team member Adam Eller heads to Florida to help a friend eradicate feral hogs from his land! Watch American Archer on Outdoor Channel! Show page:


Lee rX says:

Planning to move to Florida. Which area do you recommend buying land for backyard hog hunting?

Jayda says:

Is that good eating?

Florida Geographic says:

This spot is less than a mile from my house. I’ve literally stood in the spot you took that shot from!

Al Palmieri says:

Wild hogs have 2 scent glands on the inside of the rear legs.You must remove them before cooking.41 yrs hog hunting in florida.

Chuck Smith says:

Manny`s is the best love there Steak and the endless Salad Bowl . Glad you donated some meat .

Nick Odonnell says:

I live in pinellas county do u take people on hunts for wild pigs

Scratch 1234 says:

I’m confused. The Americans hunted the Passenger Pigeon to Extinction and almost the Bison to extinction. With a lot less technology!!! Why is there a problem with Feral Hogs?

Alföðr Aryan says:

Wild hogs don't require a hunting permit in Florida, right?

Javier Crespo says:

Hi where in Florida can I go to hunt

Jairus Jefferson says:

Caught a 350 plus in river ranch a while back

Norse Man says:

if your friend need more help I am available, have the tools and will travel 🙂 I am in Aventura. Suggest the meat is donated to the one in need.

Gonzalo Manriquez says:

Where was this at in Polk county? I grew up in Polk near Frostproof and we hunted hogs in the orange groves growing up

Chris Hall says:

God bless you sir. Keep up the great work.

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