Deer hunting with Falcon

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Prince Johnson says:

What's the point of killing this baby deer? Can the bird hunt grown adult deers?

Cheeky Bastard says:

What a cruel bunch of shitheads

The Falconry Brother says:

Birds of Prey are awesome, thanks for the vid, The Falconry Brother

HT says:

It sounds like Turanism.

Hawgfrog355 says:

That's awesome. Looks like fun to me!

St4r says:

This is an altaic and central asia hunting trick

The Falconry Brother says:

Beautiful birds of prey, awesome. The Falconry Brother

Spooqi says:

Dromaeosaurids be like:

Gus Brunson says:

Its a sport for people who cant get a girlfriend…

Tim Jim says:

This is so Hungarian

Earl Garcia says:

This is one of the most single bad ass thing I’ve ever seen!! And to think America has fucking spas for dogs…Christ

Jeremiah Wills says:

What the fuck no wonder mongols used these fuckers

Weeb gamer channel says:

Im gonna call that bird captain deer hunting falcon

Felix C says:

Damn, today I learned you don't want to fuck with golden eagles.

AnomalyINC says:

The music sounds a bit like "Paint it Black" sung backwards!

Jaquavis Locced-CC says:

Poor deer:(

Doo Doo says:

That’s not a falcon that’s a eagle an golden eagle to be exact

chad k Brignall says:

That's a falcon? Not an Eagle?

onomono says:

tittle of video:hunting deer with falcon video:golden eagle

Thinkin' and Drivin' says:

For anyone who disliked this… This is their culture. It's beautiful to see culture survive. They are respectful to the dead. They appreciate the sacrifice and culture. If you dislike it, you aren't open minded, and you are the bad guy if you had power. Luckily, you're just a dumb liberal who is programmed to hate anything that doesn't involve bullying people to hate life as much as you do.

Lee Coomber says:

Beautiful to watch, respect for the hunted is good to see.👍👌

Oh no Park run away says:

With an eagle u mean

birdsaj ! says:

Even with the poor camera quality i can still tell thats a Golden Eagle. Falcons are too small for Deer hunting.

3fitzgrld says:

Golden eagle. This is still the art of falconry.

3fitzgrld says:

Song please. I need this pumping through my 15" speakers.

The beast Kurama says:

Aye. where can you by such a Big 🦅 like that

MasonIsMissing 64 says:

Jeez I Didnt Know Falcons And Eagles Take Down Deer Also Imagine What A Harpy Could Do As They Eat Monkeys For Breakfast!!!

World Collections says:

if any person in the world decided to have a falcon : then he must buy him the food . also falcons loves to eat Fishes ,,, why you are happy when see this bloody Scene

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