#1 Bowhunting Practice Tip

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While it has been over 8 1/2 years since I originally wrote this article in 2010, https://www.whitetailhabitatsolutions.com/blog/stretch-your-archery-limits-for-bowhunting-success, the message is still the same! The #1 bowhunting practice tip that you can use this season is that longer is better when you are at the archery range. Shooting longer allows you to stretch your limits and become better at your preferred bowhunting distance. Even if your goal is to never shoot over 30 yards in the field, you can deliver a much greater ethical shot when the moment of truth arrives, if you have been practicing at a much greater distance. When practicing for this bow season make sure to improve your own personal bowhunting distance limits, by practicing at a distance a lot further than you would have ever imagined. The #1 bowhunting practice tip is that you can never get better at a shorter distance, without ever practicing at a longer distance!


Douglas WM says:

Great advice, thanks

Gunner Schenck says:

Shoot, even our archery decoys are smaller on the east coast 😂

GM Outdoors And More says:

Great advice! I will give it a try!

Drudown says:

Is he shooting into a wood target?

Dan S says:

Good advice.
It's like shooting pool . You'll never get better if you don't play someone better than yourself.
And practice, practice, practice!!!

Stephen Baxter says:

2:58 is what you came for

Jesper Brinck says:

Thanks 😊 Such a simple tip. Been bowhunting for some years but had a break of 2 years. Just needed to be reminded. Now I live in a place where I can shoot long distance. Here in Denmark 25 meters is max distance for bowhunting. Can you guess my practicing distance 😂😊 Nice video. Thanks again

Trky Playz says:

Whats that thing he's using to pull back arrow

Darxus Outside says:

Why not shoot at the same distances you expect to hunt up to, but with targets half the size of the vitals?

Jeremiah Tapley says:

Every deer that i have shot have been within 50 yards

Tim Connor says:

Hi Jeff. What is the long rope tether that appears to be attached to your release? I've not seen that before.

Nick Terbrack says:

Another great tip is to practice low light shots. Go out and shoot at sunset until dark. It's amazing how as the light fades groups open up, especially at longer distances. Many of deer I've shot have been in that twilight time after sunset prior to dark.

MrRdvs87 says:

Would you recommend the same for a crossbow?

David S says:

Hi Jeff
I am in the market for a range finder. What would you recommend?

Rick Parshall says:

Better quality venison when harvested with a bow as well!! I don't have enough pins to practice that long of a shot… set for 10-20-30yds.. should I move them to 20-30-40yds maybe?

brent hensley says:

I always practice from 20-100+ yards!!! Its a lot of fun shooting those long ranges and it really helps tremendously for the shorter range shots!!!

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