Tensions Rise As Contestants Struggle To Hunt A Moose | 100 Days Wild

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Seven individuals set out to build a self-sustaining colony in Alaska. With only 100 days until winter, Oliver and Evan must hunt a moose in order to stockpile essential supplies.

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G. Dave3 says:

Competing to murder a sentient animal, absolutely disgusting! 🌎✊🏽

Rowland Mabwa says:

How can I get my wasted 10 minutes back?

TheHabs79 says:

Goodluck on the hunt!. Start calling them bulls in.

Jim Bob says:

Looks like more city slickers with more time and money than brains, not for me.

Matthew Fubar says:

The only thing faker than this show is Kim Kardashian's body🤦‍♂️🚫

Sean Mallon UK says:

Moose murderer on the loose

Meredith Ahern-Tamilio says:

Most of the comments are from ugly human beings, ignorant is a better way to describe them !!
Best of luck and be safe always, most of all have fun!!👍 Life is way to short for me to waste on ugly I much prefer spending my last days with my grandchildren & my service dog 👍🐾👣🍼🕊🌎

คิด ปากลายอินดี้ says:

Very good fc🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦

Thomas says:

Covid spreaders.

Vp Football says:

Another staged show

Grant Solder says:

Just go to the store and buy a nice steak

Đồng hồ & Phụ kiện says:

many like!!!!

Grant Solder says:

No thanks..what a hassle

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