Cape Buffalo – Stalk in the Selous with J. Alain Smith

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Anti-poaching and conservation efforts have paid off in the Selous, as fresh tracks lead J. Alain and the Rugged X team to a great bull! From stalk, harvest, to Kabooby-time, this is one show you don’t want to miss!


Rupert McNaught Davis says:

Was that the 577 I saw?

Gerald Swain says:

What they are really shouting is " where's the f_ _ _ing meat !.)

jarroyolaw says:

Ahmed, don't, please don't shoot into the air. That shit is going to return and who knows who is out there. BTW, great hunt!

ricardo disantos says:

Ooh! Now two of my favourite guys in different ways. J Alain my International P.H and Ahmed huwel( Mkwawa) my professional rally driver and as well as a great P.H in (Tanzania) This combination is amazing and its my favourite one of all the time. Thank you guys the great job. Rugged expedition. Ricardo from Tanzania.

Stuart Palmer says:

Hi Mr Smith dont mind u shooting buffalo but how many trophies do u need. Would be nice to hand out some meat to tribe and see it. Good luck to your endeavours

dj abeed says:

j alain smith love you hunting down dangerous game animal what ammo you use what rifle you use

pamtnman pamtnman says:

ahmed with the handgun discharging in the air….sorry, it does not ruin your cool video but it does not help

Rob Haggard says:

Good stuff, Alain. Always enjoy all your videos. BTW, you’ve got a great cameraman working for you. Keep up the good work!! 👍

jmfa57 says:

Alain, my animal-lover second wife definitely has you pegged as a "bad influence." She knows I already had a CZ550 458 WinMag in the safe, so she got DEEPLY suspicious when I was apprehended smuggling a shiny Winchester Super Express .375 H&H into the household. I'm already pushing the envelope by leaving a wild boar head and a bison head in the livingroom, remnants from past relationships. Do you suppose she would believe that I need to go on a 3 week business trip to Africa, when I work at a local government job? Awesome video, I have wanted to hunt Cape Buffalo since I was a high school kid. Maybe someday…

Z. I. says:

Respect your hunt, buddy. Don't touch your hunt by your leg, please. Enjoyed the rest. Cheers!

lewandlo says:

Don't get me wrong .I like these videos, but ant-poaching??. I think its more like anti- pay for hunting. Do you really blame the people living there for hunting on his fenced in ranch?

Martin Stiastny says:

Alan, you obviously have a love affair with your Winchester 375. How many buffalo have you taken with that rifle ?

Proriz Nian says:

Hello again Alain. You had a super hunt for cape buffalo again! Please let me know the make/model of your black rifle, its scope and your ammo. Andrew

Andy Jones says:

Keep the vids coming please! Met you this year in Reno!

Charles Jones says:

Always like Alain's videos. Until I go, it gives me a break from daily routine.

Mzee Raza says:

Awesome video 👍🏾

Tim Sanchez says:

Watching that celabration got me in the mood i'm grabing some kabooby right now well done sir great hunt got me a new word kabooby

Hunting with Stu says:

Great Buffalo mate. I need to go back to Africa one day…..

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