Amish Coyote Hunting 2021!!! (30 Coyote Day)

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Taylor Bernard says:

Like the show

lamar ware says:

Just wanna know how can I participate in one of these?

Todd Bauer says:

Hahah that is crazy man. And I heard of a guy buying up to 25 by in Hoisington

Darrell King says:

Awesome video keep them coming Jordan

BKBoutdoors bryan bartz says:

Regarding cellphone in cold weather checkout product call rooster wrap. You will like it

Smokin Barrels Outdoors says:

Make some butcher videos! Whole beef, half beef, whatever

Smokin Barrels Outdoors says:

Love your videos man! Keep them up!

Best Friend Outdoors says:

This is awesome. You should try to make more of these. We all love coyote hunts!

Kings’ Outdoor Life says:

ShotKam didn’t send me the cover……..43K more subs and they will!😂🤣🥲

Outdoor Experiences says:

Love it man keep them coming!

H Phillips says:

Good video I like the coyote drives

David Betts says:

Hi Jordan, it is a shame that you did not get a shot but a very good show of coyotes.

SoupSounds Studios says:

Will you be doing a night time coyote hunt?

Chase Livingston says:

Jordan, are you amish or just close to them? Or have family ties? Just curious. nice video

Devin Hilliard says:

More trapping videos


Do you club your trapped animals or do
You shoot them?

BLASTER 333 says:

Love all of your content!! Hope you and your family are safe and healthy!! Support as always from your New Mexico fans!!

Lucas Oldaker says:

where are the amish at i didn't see any

Larry Hager says:

Just came across this video awesome just my opinion. I bought an 1100 rem with a 32 inch barrel that was extra full choke on it was factory no tube that thing with 3inch Nitro Mags in #4 or 2 even 6 shot it was like a slug gun to40 yds i dropped a pheasant at over 50 yd twice with it have witnesses with 2 shot so be a yote load

Robert Kaiser says:

Awsom job bud really like the videos

Take 'em Outdoor's says:

Who else remembers the last time! Love round ups!

Charlie Hackworth says:

Not a bad vid

Maple Ranger says:

Do you use anything like the sent glands from the coyotes and make your own Lures if so what do you take from them?

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