High Country Brown Bears, Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

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From the Modern Day Mountain Man collection:
Wedged between the windswept Pacific and the frigid Bering Sea, the Alaska Peninsula is a raw, merciless land dominated by majestic mountains and arguably the largest bears in the world. Veteran big game guide, Billy Molls, leads his clients on two classic adventures as this savage wilderness and its iconic brown bears test the strength, challenge the skill, and whittle away the
resolve of both guide and hunter.

With a new spring blossoming, both land and sea come alive. Caribou give birth to their calves, while the wolf and wolverine prowl for their next meal. Sows warily lead their cubs to feed on the first green shoots as boars scour the landscape tirelessly in search of a mate.

Danger, breathless stalks, heart-stopping encounters, utter disappointment, and the elation of success in this time-forgotten land make this an unforgettable saga.


run climb repeat says:

the out takes are hilarious! 🤣

Billy Malpass says:

Absolutely great entertainment God bless you

Found In The Woods Bushcraft says:

This was one of the best hunting videos I've seen. It was full of good nature shots. Great camera work. 🤠🏕👋

Therlin James says:

I'm not a hunter but, I enjoyed every minute of this video. Great job

Ocoopa Hand Warmer says:

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Jason Lewis says:

Big boy #2 massive from one person of illinois to the other congratulations

John Underwood says:

My dad and I did a 21 day drop off hunt in that bay back in the 90’s. Saw some 10’ class bears but couldn’t close the deal. Still a lot of fun. We used a 1 man inflatable to cross that river at high tide. Brings back the memories! If I could only do that one more time. I’ve hunted the next bay to the west too. Great bears in it too

Nelson Hershberger says:

Wow awesome footage man 👍. I love nature like you do so this video was very entertaining for me 😁

Ralph Zettel says:

Very well done Thanks

Stephen Land says:

The Kodiak bear is the largest brown bear but not the largest bear. That's the polar bear.
The largest Kodiak bears can go 1,500 lbs. The largest polar bear on record weighed 2,209 lbs. and stood 11' 1" on it's hind legs.
That said, yes there are polar bears on the northern most shores of Alaska. That 'largest polar bear'? It was shot at Kotzebue Sound in northwestern Alaska in 1960.

Sharon Kasper says:

Hello Billy Molls. You and your guide service gives people an experience that is truly an adventure. Had me watching your video from beginning to end. You really get the feeling of being there and partaking of all that is shown. The hunting of these bears was truly incredible. They are BIG. Stay healthy friend and enjoy many more adventures while making your video's. My hobby is prospecting looking for gold. Seeing those creeks made me wonder if there is any gold. Strong possibility. Take care.

Guy in Colorado, Greetings! says:

Correction –
"The pursuit of a male brown bear – WITH A BOW – is the ultimate sport hunt, not with a gun where you can shoot him from 500 yds."
Sorry to rain on your parade.

Peter Kolovos says:

This was one of, if not the best hunting video I've ever watched. I was sorry it was only 2 hours long. Very well done.

Eric Lindquist says:

What tent were you using?

That Knock Life says:

Great video! I love the journey you posted … never been a hunter, and I’m 50/50 on killin bears lol, but on Dec 26 2020 your video brought me peace and a sense of calm in the midst of the whole crazy 2020 … God bless you and your family … thanks again for posting

Mike o' Glen says:

'Everything in Nature is connected…" Until hunters come and spoil the Balance of Nature?

Marcel Pop says:

Alaska hotel.

Marcel Pop says:

Alaska nr one.

Lonnie Cook says:

Billy, noticed this video of my bear hunt with you is up over 700,000 views. That is awesome. I have had several people I have met in the airport that have come up to me and said aren't you the hunter on that bear movie that Billy put up on Youtube. So 2 days ago I had a hunter from Pakistan send me a FB private message and reconnected so to speak. He was hunting with the same outfitter that I was hunting with back in September 2013 near Dillingham AK for grizzly bear. He got his bear before I did and had already flown home by the time I finished and we never were able to stay in contact until now. Small World Indeed.

Cody's Outdoor Adventures says:

The awesome. I would have taken the time to skin him out right away. Bears hides can slip within hours if not cooled down and gut enzymes get out.

larry renolds says:

Great video.

Gregory Pinkett says:

I think a drone would be the good investment to scout a path for travel.

SD says:

I'm not sure but at 27:40 did he chamber and muzzle the cameraman.

SD says:

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Bruce Broadbent says:

Thanks for a realist view into a Brown Bear Hunt, you see so many 22 minute hunting and outdoor channel hunts that make it all seem easy and successful, seeing the grind nad the physical and emotional challenges is exciting and inspiring! Exactly why I choose to hunt and spend as much time in the outdoors as possible

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