URBAN Deer Management Day (THIS MUST HAPPEN!!)

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SEEK ONE says:

Alright guys, here’s the plan. We are doing a “meat up” in Atlanta in the next couple of weeks. The plan is to have a meet and greet with you guys but collect any venison that you guys are willing to donate. We have 5 shelters lined up and we will have a refrigerated truck where we will meet. The goal is to load up these shelters. Stay tuned to our Instagram for further details. Let’s get 2021 kicked off right!

Beau Edwards says:

How many deer have yall killed and what is the biggest one you have killed.

Brylin Houston says:

Hey man I love what your doing and I hope you keep doing it and I wish I could help out with y’all’s project

Kenith Sherrer says:

Hey guys and girls I'm just starting to get into bowhunting and was wondering witch way to move the sight pin to shoot farther like 30 yards

Goshen Springs Farm says:

God Bless you all!

Michael Rudd says:

Just a quick question but how high do you put your stand

Matthew Kreider says:

Lee, what coat are you wearing?

Christopher Canfield says:

Guys, awesome work. Just watched your video and love what you guys are doing.

Collin Adkins says:

This makes me miss deer season so bad ours just ended in VA

James Walters says:

Responsible conservation feeds those who lack the abilities or knowledge to feed on what is available.

James Walters says:

Very responsible young man in the leadership community. The fact that he wanted to check with his leadership for need ensures that he is responsible with contributions.

Derek Vidimos says:

When I lived in Indianapolis we had Eagle Creek Park that was so overpopulated the deer mostly looked liked skinny German Shepherds. They had eaten everything and were still starving. It took years of pressure from conservation groups to allow for a charity meat hunt, and of course the protestors were throwing a fit, walking around with bull horns, tambourines, and other noise makers. The deer were so tame at the time they didn’t even bat an eye. Over 500 ended up harvested that weekend and given to soup kitchens throughout the city, and that only dropped the heard less than 10 percent. They had the hunts annually for a few years, and it made a huge difference. The deer are wild and healthy again.

Shane Cody says:

Is it just me or does jay look like an always save version of Mathew mcconaughey

the bass bro 24 says:

Lee can you start saying prayers in the beginning of your videos like the Turkey vs giant bass video

Blarg says:

Am I the only one who gut laughs when they say "Ehhh" right before a shot to get the deer to stop?

Bean306 says:


Jdeck 972 says:


King's Pursuit Outdoors says:

Awesome guys, as always great video, great content, and great inspiration. Look forward to donating some meat and hopefully be able to shake all of your hands. Keep up the great work guys.

Brad Gunter says:

Man that cool yall were right down the road from my house at the Taxidermy. Also if your out that way look up master landscape supply for your food plot and other hunting items, they are at the 4way of hwy 278 and hwy 11.

Squishy says:

Those are niiiiccee bucks

Brenden Knight says:

That’s awesome guys. Definitely earned a subscriber

Conservative Chad says:

Stellar content!

Conner Ford says:

Do y’all think a back bar is good for hunting out of a climbing stand 🤷🏼‍♂️

Connor Criger says:

keep doing good to the world man need more people like you in the world


great content

Southern Indiana Outdoorsman says:

This is awesome man. What a way to help the community. I've not been on your channel long, but this is my favorite video so far. A couple of the videos I've seen were a little too dramatic over kills — reminded me too much of some of the mainstream shows on the Outdoor Channel that I don't like to watch any more. But this is awesome.
Just 1 piece of advice man, make more videos like this where y'all just post the process, post the hunts, just don't be like Live To Hunt, or Driven, or any of those other shows where it's all about Hollywood cinematography & drama. Love what y'all did in this video, and I'm glad I found your channel through The Hunting Public boys.

AJ Hranek says:

Can someone tell me what that noise is @ 4:19 I have that shit going on so much at one of my stands and I always think its a dumbass Buck who’s grunt/vocals are messed up or something

DJ Sherwood says:

the one channel where i go to watch deer killed but always feel God’s grace when i finish a video

Mike Werner says:

Hey I need you guys to come to my house. I often have upwards of 20 deer roaming around, eating all my ornamental plantings. I hate the d?*# deer.

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