Hog Hunting and Predator Hunting with AR-15 in Texas

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Hunting in Texas you are bound to cross paths with a coyote, bobcat and hogs. Hog hunting is just as important as predator hunting when your interest is healthy thriving deer habitat. We used an AR-15 to accomplish these hunts and with a little change in luck this really could of turned in one of our best weekends ever for predator hunting.


Robert Irvine says:

Ass holes, why you shooting cats?

Ruben Moreno says:

Are you leasing

Aaron Law says:

What round did you shoot that bobcat with?

Thank the Lord that’s right!

Chandana Dutta says:

U should get ban u are killing animal u don't deserve to live

Uccil 09 says:

Why cat.!!😀😀

Bruce Castor says:

Long walks = editing

nick gambrazzio says:

I understand hunting of animals you are going to eat but I will never understand killing an animal just for the hell of it. That cat at the end didn't need to die man, and before you dumbasses start saying "bleeding heart" or "libtard" I'm a highly conservative gun owner but I also love animals and taking something's life shouldn't be taken so lightly

AJ Advay says:

Camera person suxs

Baluchi. says:

Not the bobcat tho

R Perez says:

What area of texas too, please?

R Perez says:

Thanks for your video. What grain and ammo did you use?

Dayton Smith says:

That's not true about the bobcats they don't miss with the pigs baby's Bc we kill cats Bc they kill our life stock there are dangerous like the hog u piss the momma hog off missing with the baby's you better have a gun

Devon Fountain says:

I'll be moving to El Paso next week and would love to put down some hogs with you guys

Derek Utley says:

Good video, keep up the good work. Who cares about what these keyboard warriors say about your group or videos. Keep doing what y'all love!

ivan adame says:

Which part of our state is this buddy ???? My family looking for land that's our ideal style of land environment

Philip Gaynor says:

Don't see too many ocelots in Texas. I saw one about a month ago but I've never seen one before that.

Joaquin Flores says:

boring boring boring kill to kill …

Ernie Gonzalez says:

Cats kill pigs, WTF.

λ°”λ‹€κ°€μ’‹μ€μ•„μ œ says:

μ €λŸ° ν¬μ‹μžλŠ” μ™Έμ΄μ£½μ΄λ‚˜μš” ??

Clinton Walsh says:

damn texas looks so much like Australia.. looks the same places where I hunt here.. well done on the video.. enjoyed it.

Its Me says:

why kill something your not ganna eat!

BigRedPower59 says:

Usually I don't group myself with the trolls that seem to populate the comment section of videos like this but, I'm afraid I have to ask. Why kill the cat? They are not as aggressive and dangerous as a coyote. As a matter of fact, they prey on the little piggies. Seems to me that they'd be a good animal to have around. IMHO.

pedro salgado says:

amigo cazar para comer si ,pero cazar un lince no creo que lo cazaste para comertelo eso ya es una maldad de tu parte

Iain Williamson says:

I get the killing of the pigs, but killing the cat is counterproductive to hog control.

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